Saturday, January 7, 2012

Week 18...the days keep ticking by :)

18 weeks already!  Didn't I JUST write my week 17 post?!  This was a good week :)  Remember reading about our Dr.'s appointment during week 17?  Well, I keep telling myself that things are going to be okay - that both babies are still happy and healthy and growing strong; however, there is still that piece of worry that is burning away inside of me - and probably will until I am holding both of them in my arms!

This week, I pulled out the infamous pink body pillow, took over 3/4 of the bed, and  started sleeping like a CHAMP!  It was Tuesday night (I believe) and I had this AWFUL dream...

We went to our ultra sound appointment (which is actually this coming Monday-yes, more baby pictures!) and they couldn't find a heart beat for Baby A - the same baby that my Dr. had a hard time finding it on.  I was devastated.  For some reason, they decided to cut me open to remove the babies.  Baby B must have been on top of Baby A (remember, this is in my dream), because they took OUT Baby B - handed HIM - yes HIM to me and let me talk to him and kiss him...

They removed A - I couldn't tell what the gender was, what he/she looked like or anything.  The only thing I remember was that he/she did not make it.

Baby B was blue - which is how I knew it was a boy.  He was the size of my open hand (which is weird because that is what I wrote about last week) and was that squishy blue gelatin type doll.  Almost like a dog toy or something!  I didn't see a face, but I kept kissing him telling him how much I loved him.  

The next thing I knew, the Dr.'s put him back inside of me and that was it.  I woke up almost in tears looking for Josh - but he wasn't there :(  His pillow as gone too :(  I looked at the clock and it was 5:30 AM.  Not time to get up and I was too tired and comfortable to go looking for him, so I went back to sleep!

At 6:20 AM I rolled out of bed, feeling EXTREMELY refreshed - best night of sleep in a long time!  Josh was curled up on the couch downstairs sound asleep :(  He later told me that my "pregnancy snoring" has kicked in.  He woke up around 12:30 AM and thought he heard some sort of machine running in our house!  He looked around and soon realized it was coming from ME!  Hahahaha!!!!!  

Thanks for letting me sleep in sweetie :)
This week - our babies are about the size of a cantaloupe - two of those...inside of me 5 1/2 inches long)!  They are developing finger nails and toe nails now too :)  Better remember to bring the clippers to the hospital this time around!  They also say that I'm supposed to start feeling movement - well, let me tell you -with Callie, we felt her at 17 weeks - but I haven't felt these two too much.  Every now and then I can kind of feel something - and I think it's them, but not too much...which is annoying, considering there is TWO of'd think there'd be less space so I'd feel them so much faster :)

My center of gravity is really starting to notice changes!  I was cleaning, reorganizing and getting rid of a TON of kitchen stuff...and I noticed that I had to be extra careful as I would go a little too far forward at times!  Which by the way - we have SO MUCH stuff we are getting rid of - so much in fact that we decided to have an April garage sale :)  That'll be interesting, but I'm going to "pre-mark" everything NOW!
Also, heartburn has started to kick in.  I forgot how annoying it is to have constant heartburn throughout the day.  My friend recommended to eat an apple - apparently that's supposed to work...I'll keep you posted :)

While I was cleaning the kitchen, Callie was having the time of her life playing with all the kitchen items I had laid out for her.  She was standing on the chair - working at the counter!  She had a wide selection of snacks and different types of bowls to be playing with!  Josh was in the nursery working away at those gophers :)  Here is his work after today :)

These look SO awesome and we are SUPER pumped to have this room all set up and complete :)  Maybe more than he is - but I'm still so excited!!!

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  1. What great gophers!! So glad you are doing well. I can't wait to find in 20 or so weeks if your dream about baby B being a boy is right or not.


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