Monday, January 16, 2012

19 Weeks and I believe half way there!

I feel very confident in saying that we are PROBABLY - OFFICIALLY HALF WAY THERE!  38 weeks would be my ideal time to have these two pea pods!  

Considering I updated twice during week 18, I don't have a whole lot to inform you on :)  

 I'm huge - we can confidently say that :)  Research shows that our babies brains are starting to really develop more and more!  Their brains are designating areas that will respond to smell, touch, taste, vision and hearing! They even say that our babies can hear the outside world now - no longer just listening to mommy :)

Hopefully they don't pick up the word "NO" from their big sister :)

Our babies are weighing about 8.5 ounces (which they said they were 8 ounces at our last ultra sound, so right on track!) and about 6 inches long :)   They say a large tomato - now I hope it wasn't the large tomato from my garden this summer...because they were SMALL!

I have been feeling a lot more kicking going on inside of there too :)  Nothing that can be felt from the outside - but it is so amazing :)  I've been asked what it feels like with two - well, honestly, it still feels like one in there.  I think as they get bigger I will be able to feel both simultaneously :)

Heart burn hasn't been too bad this week.  I've also been sleeping like a rock star AND I haven't gotten up to go to the bathroom at all during the middle of the night :)  ROCK ON!

Only complaint - my back started to hurt over the weekend.  Which is to be expected, so I won't complain about it!

Josh finished one of the gophers in the nursery - it looks INCREDIBLE!  I'm so proud of him and so thankful for all of his hard work :)

We've decided NOT to paint on flags, but rather, Josh is going to paint their names on the shirts AFTER they are born :)  How amazing is my husband :)

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  1. It's funny how an elmo birthday party search lead you to my blog! We both have Callie's/ Cali's and twins! Good luck with your journey! Pregnancy with twins is a whole new ballgame.


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