Monday, January 2, 2012

Extreme Bedroom Makeover :)

We arrived home from our many Christmas's on Monday, December 26 (that evening).  By 12:00 PM the next day (Dec. 27), Grandma Lynn was down and ready to paint for 3 days :)  BLESS HER SOUL!

We wanted to paint and get it done with during Christmas break - otherwise, when would we really do it!?

I'll break it down one room a time, but please note: EVERY ROOM UPSTAIRS WAS A DISASTER!  And it drove me CRAZY!  I felt like I couldn't clean or put anything away because it was so messy :)  But, the end results are satisfying :)

Callie was clapping with JOY as Grandma Lynn opened up the cans of paint!  She seemed very pleased with the colors mom had picked out :)

The first room WAS our guest room.  It had a nice queen size bed for our guests and was decorated so nicely!  Now, the queen size bed is at my mom's house and we have my old day bed - which is torn apart and will soon be Callie's new big girl bed (in March).



Oh yes - loads of crap pushed to the center of the room - and Josh hidden away in the corner ready to paint :)  We painted the room a soft yellowish/gold.  Afterwards, Josh drew on two baby gophers!  These are not done yet, but are AWESOME!  They are going to be holding a flag, and after the babies are born, he is going to paint their names into the flag :)

There is a gopher on either side of the window :)

Callie's room:  
It was painted a beautiful minty green with a yellow strip going through the middle.  There were white dots on the top and bottom of the yellow strip.  It was GORGEOUS and perfect!

But now, the dots needed to be sanded down and daddy had to fill in all the holes we made :)

Callie had fun helping as well :)

Notice everything pushed to the center!

I bought a beautiful shade of lilac paint!  Her entire room is lilac, and talented Grandma is painting on white daisies :)  Free handing them I might add :)

What a nice Grandma to let her granddaughter help in her own room :)

3 days - but look how BEAUTIFUL this turned out :)  Lynn - you really outdid yourself on this one!  This is GORGEOUS!

I don't have any pictures yet of her room put back together, but I will take more after!  Mid January we are turning her crib into a toddler bed.  Then around her birthday, we are taking the crib out, putting it in the nursery and back to a crib, and moving the big girl day bed in :)

Our room - WOW - DISASTER!  Follow with me here...

Our house is old - which means our rooms are small.  So we have compromised by allowing my dresser and clothes in our room while Josh's dresser and clothes have been in our guest room.  Not ideal when we have guests, but he brings in what he needs the night before.  Never a problem.

Well, now that our twins will be in the guest room - now being called the nursery, Josh has no place for his things - DAMN SMALL ROOMS!

SO - we had to do something I am completely against - move our bed in front of the windows...  We did a complete 180 - put our dresses on the wall that our headboard used to be on (current picture) and we now SHARE - YES SHARE a's like we are really married!

You will notice two dressers in this picture - well, that was just brought in here - the nice stand up mirror used to be there :)

I have no "completely" finished pictures, but at least you can get an idea of the madness in our house :)  Stay tuned for more pictures....this mess is never ending :)

The good thing - this caused both Josh and I to go through ALL of our clothes - and boy have we thrown A LOT!


  1. send me clothes!!!

  2. Love it!! Callies room looks amazing!!!

  3. the painting looks phenomenal; can't wait to see the completed rooms


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