Monday, January 16, 2012

Sesame Street Live!

* 3 tickets to Sesame Street Live (Row 2 - it's the only way to go your first time) = $120.00 (not including tax)
* Parking = $5.00
* A SWEET Sesame Street Live Program Book = $10.00
* Elmo Light up Spinning Toy = $15.00
* Mini Donuts (mainly for hungry mom!) = $5.00
* The BIG Elmo Balloon that Callie HAD to have (and yes, we gave in!) = $10.00
* Seeing the expression on our daughter's face as she watched all of her favorite friends sing and dance in front of her...ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS!

Sesame Street Live was worth EVERY penny we spent :)

If you have been to Sesame Street Live before, you know that they don't allow photos or videos!  Well, yours truly is AMAZING at sneaking pictures, so I got some great photos AND of course - videos :)  Enjoy!

 There she is with her light up toy :)

 Meet Callie's Best Friends!

 I love her eyes!





 I don't care how ridiculous I look - she LOVES it :)

 We were SO close :)

 See - had to have one!





 We told her to hold it up so she could get Elmo's attention :)



 She enjoyed the confetti ending :)

 Yup - we brought it home!  Little does she know, I threw it away!

Our perfect family :)

Video: Capturing Callie's initial reaction :)  I love her smiles!!

Video: A little Sesame Street Action!

Video: She LOVED Cookie Monster - and was calling out for him when he wasn't on stage!

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  1. oh my goodness! that's awesome. i bet she loved every minute of it. what is it with 2 year olds and ELMO?! :)


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