Friday, December 30, 2011

A Christmas Celebration with the Denzer's!

Every Christmas/New Years, we always try and do something fun with our friends Jason & Lisa Denzer.  As our kids have gotten older (and our babysitters older with lives), we find it VERY hard to find a sitter for New Years.  This year, we decided to do something for the kids :)  

Today we all went to the House of Bounce in Rochester, MN!  It's an indoor park full of blow up-jump houses for kids (okay and adults!).  When we first got there, Callie didn't want to participate...but after she saw both mom and dad go down the big slide, she was all about it :) 

The pictures alone show you how much fun she had :)  She played her little heart out and was non-stop smiles the entire time!

Yup - even mom got in on the action :)

She ADORES Ava & Casey...I think she'd go home with them if we let her :)

The Denzer's!  Love this family :)

She actually got really good at climbing these - she was a rock star :)

Down by herself - what a big girl :)

This slide required you be a certain height!  Josh loved it :)  This is when Lisa and I noticed "No Pregnant Women allowed to go on the equipment!"  Oops!

Sure - our 21 month old daughter can go up these super steep stairs by herself...if she falls, it's just air :)  This so reminded me of Annie - at the end of the movie when she is climbing the train thing!


Oops - should have noticed that!  3rd picture on the top - No Pregnancies!  I think they meant 7-9 months :)

This was absolutely HILARIOUS!  Josh and Lisa had on these "vests" and they would run out as hard and as fast as they could - then they would reach a certain point and it would shoot them back super fast!  It was HILARIOUS!

They made a new friend :)

Taking after her mommy :)  PS - I had a better score than Josh!

After the House of Bounce, we all went to Broadway Bar & Pizza - it was DELICIOUS!  They had this train that would keep going around and around the restaurant.  Whenever it stopped, the kids would get mad :)

Callie was a ROCK STAR eater - ate an entire piece of pizza and finished the crust off of my plate :)  GOOD GIRL!

Needless to say, she crashed on the way home!  She was SUCH a good girl and had so much fun :)  Thank you Denzer's for a wonderful evening :)

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