Sunday, December 18, 2011

Week 15

This week has absolutely flown by, which, I believe, is a snapshot into the rest of this pregnancy.  It makes me both happy and sad.

Happy because that means we would be THAT much closer to meeting the additions to our growing family!

Sad for the following reasons:
1. Callie is that much older and I hate how fast this time is going with her at this young age.
2. I really enjoy being pregnant.  I'm not like the select moms who would much rather conceive and have their baby miraculously in their arms.  I love everything about being pregnant :)
3. I need this time to emotionally prepare myself for the changes that this will bring to Callie - still struggling with this one!

This week, honestly, wasn't very exciting.  I still have to eat ALL the time, otherwise I feel nauseous.  I was sitting in a meeting with my Administrator on Thursday morning-she took one look at me and said, "Do you feel okay?!"  I told her I had to eat RIGHT NOW!!  It's tough HAVING to eat all the time :) :)

So, I have mentioned before that I have popped MUCH sooner with this pregnancy!  While that being true - so many have said, "You always pop faster with your 2nd child" - well, remember that there's two in there!  I'm going to look like a beached whale by the time these babies are born!

Obviously our babies are continuing to grow, and right now, they are about the size of an orange - so I have two oranges inside of me -good thing I like oranges (about 4 inches)!  Their skin is so thin right now, that if we were able, we would see directly through to their blood vessels - CRAZY!

Our babies have taste buds already too!  Which let me tell you, they REALLY like buffalo sauce, Chipotle's mild salsa, and pretty much any dessert!  They also LOVE spagettio's, as I have been eating that for lunch the past however many days!

I don't think I have mentioned this either-but I am able to have dairy products again without feeling nauseous!  YEAH :)  This is good, because our babies are taking in more and more calcium into their bones!

This past weekend, Josh and I spent it with his mom, her boyfriend Larry, and his cousin Natalie (it was our Christmas with Natalie!) - this awesome weekend is going to be a post in itself - but anyway...I stepped on her scale on Saturday night (technically week 15 on the dot), and I had gained 2 pounds since my last appointment - meaning I have gained 1 pound overall with this pregnancy :)  YEAH!  Let me tell you, with everything I have been eating, I am SHOCKED it's only 1's true, they really do take everything I have!  At least my energy is coming back!  Just in time for basketball season too :)

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