Sunday, December 4, 2011

Videos of Miss Callie :)

Callie has been a little movie star lately :) We've captured many videos of her! It's crazy to think that a year ago, she was not able to tell us anything that she wanted, was thinking, etc...and now we are able to hold conversations with her :)

On Thanksgiving, I asked Callie what she was thankful for - here are her answers :) FYI - Trenton is the little boy at daycare, Jessica is the BEST daycare provider EVER, Jet & Alexis are her kids :)

Callie likes to ride her daddy like a horsey :) I taught her how to say "Giddy Up" I LOVE how she says it :)

This past weekend we had our first big snowfall! We brought Callie outside today to play in the snow :) I can 100% say that she DID NOT face plant the snow at all! She got frustrated when she couldn't get back up after she fell back, but overall - she LOVED the snow!

Last week, we put up our Christmas Tree! Callie helped me decorate it! I love how she put the decorations on the tree :) Needless to say - I moved them when she was done :) But she sure enjoyed her method for a good 10 minutes :)

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