Wednesday, November 30, 2011

13 Weeks Along - almost out of my first trimester :)

13 weeks pregnant - we are officially in our last week of our first trimester! It's weird to think that this could very possibly be the LAST time I am ever going to have a "first trimester" in my LIFE! Wow...kind of sad actually. Considering how much I enjoy being pregnant, and how easy it is for me to carry babies :)

I'm noticing it is harder for me to remember to take pictures, because technically, I'm supposed to update every Saturday - well, Saturdays are SUPER busy and I'm usually out doing something. Sunday's seem great, because I could take them right after church, when I am actually put together, look decent, etc... But then I get home, throw on some sweats, and lounge around all day - so this is what you get :) The last two photos have been in sweats - not that anyone cares, but I do! So I may start doing this on Monday's - we'll have to see :)

Regardless - here are some 13 week updates :)

Still not really showing - a tiny bump appears sometimes, but other times it goes away. I think the babies are just moving around so much that sometimes they make me have a tummy and others well, I just look fat :) You'll see what I mean :)

On Wednesday, Josh and I went in for our second ultra sound already :) Fast you wonder - well, that's what happens when you have multiples :) Our technition was really nice; however, because Austin Medical Center is now "Austin Mayo Health" they have new computers and new ultra sound equipment. She pre-warned us that she was going to be calling in help as she's still learning how to use the program.

Let me tell you, the first lady she called in - I will throw a FIT if she ever has to read one of our ultra sounds. She was a very crabby, unfriendly lady. I mean, you are looking at unborn children inside of someone's uterus, how could that make you unhappy!? Then they had to turn the monitor screen away from us so they could get correct measurements, and then she would ask us questions like, "Did you see that" - and I would respond very nicely by saying, "No, I can't see the screen!" What I really wanted to say was "listen here, turn that back so we can see it, because THESE ARE OUR CHILDREN...and quit being so snotty!

She took A TON of pictures of Baby A - and not too many of Baby B :( They have a new thing where they put the pictures on a disc rather than printing them. That was pretty neat, because I am able to get them on my computer faster (than having to scan them!)
Here are some pictures with details :)

Baby B is sitting Transverse - meaning he/she is laying on it's side. They had a hard time getting measurements because he/she is on its side. If you are looking at my body, Baby B's feet are by my belly button and it's head is towards my right side.

Baby B :)

Ah - they are so cute together :) Now remember, we are having "FRATERNAL TWINS" - meaning they have their own sacs. They could be identical, but the odds aren't as likely.

Baby A & Baby B together :)

Baby A is currently sitting in a Breech position - meaning feet down. This is super common so early on, because the babies are constantly turning and moving and doing back flips, etc... Again, when looking at my body, Baby A's feet are to the left of my belly button, but down. Baby A's head is obviously above! Remember, they are only about 3 inches long, so the measurement of them being "by my bellybutton" is probably incorrect as they are much lower; however, I figured it would be easier to understand with a "start point".

Baby A with his/her hands up by their face :)

Baby A

Baby A

She didn't label this picture, but from the looks of it, I think it is Baby A.

Baby A has a heart beat of 156 and Baby B has a heart beat of 152. This doesn't mean anything so early on, because, well, it is still so early on! I didn't have this many appointments with Callie so early on, so I don't have heartbeat measurements from her to compare. Urban legends say that heartbeats 150 and below are boys and 150 and above are girls. If I believe these, we're having two girls; however, my sister Heidi has 3 boys and they had high heart beats.

Only time will tell I guess :)

On Thursday, I had to go in during the school day for an appointment, because they needed to do a follow up right away. So I was BY MYSELF - Remember that as you read the following...

I was not seeing my normal Dr., because he was gone and they were booked out until the 12th. So I saw a different Dr. (I'll leave her name out). She came in, we talked, I asked some questions (not all, because I'd prefer to ask my Dr. whom I'm very comfortable with). Then I hopped up on the table to listen to the babies heartbeats :)

Well, she found Baby B's heartbeat RIGHT away (she said it was Baby B, but from what they said during our ultra sound, I think that was the other one - regardless - she found a heartbeat :)

Then she was moving it around, moving it around - starting pushing the Doppler into my stomach, moving frantically what FELT like 10 minutes (probably only 2 minutes). She then stopped, walked around the bed table and pushed a button. About 15 seconds later, a nurse came in. This Dr. said, "Can you please get me the ultra sound".

The WHAT!? Okay - what's going on!? Remember - I'm by myself!

She brings it in. Right away - she finds the first baby, moving around, and you can see the white flicker going a mile a minute :) Then she moves over and finds the other baby (not sure if it's Baby A or B). Just laying there...not doing anything. Again, another 10 minutes goes by (okay 30 seconds) and she finally says, "There it is, there's the heartbeat!" - Because this baby is laying on his/her side, she couldn't pick it up very well, but had to bring the ultra sound equipment in to find it.

WHEW! That was scary! But, all is good :) Babies are healthy, the placentas have attached beautifully inside and they are measuring right on schedule.

She did tell me that MOST twins are delivered around 36-38 weeks. So even though June 9th IS our due date - it looks like they will be coming in mid May :)




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