Friday, November 4, 2011

The Revealing :)

I have several blog posts that I have been anxiously waiting to post :) One of them being the videos of how we told everyone :)

Turn your volume up, sit back, and enjoy the show :) I apologize that some of them were recorded sideways - I was trying to get the whole shot of Callie, but later realized that it made it difficult for viewing! If you know how to flip it, please let me know :)

First off - on Tuesday, October 4th, I woke up before Josh (very rare in our house) and rushed into the bathroom to pee on a stick (something that is really weird to be excited about!). I waited patiently (okay very impatiently) for the little hour glass to stop spinning in circles! It stopped: "PREGNANT" - I teared up, did a silent celebration dance by myself and thanked God for this beautiful gift! And then I hid the test in a crest toothpaste box that was in a drawer (saving the box because there's coupons inside!).

All day I was trying to hide this amazing secret :) It was until after school that it was time to tell Josh ;) I was actually going to wait until the next day, but our nights were all really full, so it HAD to be Tuesday :)

Here is it:

After I shut off the camera, Josh said - "Get over here" and gave me the biggest hug and kiss :) He was so excited to find out that we were going to have another baby! He told me later that when Callie FIRST came out, he was mad thinking, "This surprise is that you bought her Halloween costume without me!?!" Haha - tricked you Daddy!!

We kept this to ourselves for one entire month! We were going to wait until Thanksgiving to tell our families, but decided we were ready to tell everyone! We waited until Halloween weekend - and dressed Callie back up in her Bee costume to tell the grandparents :)

First stop - my mom and dad's house! I LOVE my mom's reaction! A typical Shellum girl reaction to anything :) I know exactly where both Callie and I get it from now! I was also SO excited that my dad was upstairs to see too! He had hip replacement surgery in September and is an absolute ROCK STAR for how well he is moving around :)

Second stop - Grandma Lynn's house! We were so happy that Larry was there to share the joy with all of us :) I love how Lynn was all ready for Callie to "practice" trick or treating (our way of preparing them to stay inside) - looks like we tricked you instead :) :)

Final stop - Grandpa Don & Sharon's house! We had Callie walking down the long hallway in their condo to share the news - she was so excited to run the length of the hall that she fell ;) Then she fell going in! I laugh looking back at this - it took awhile to see the sign, but watch Don's reaction as Sharon is holding it...he read it from standing up!!!

We called our sisters from the car. It was just too much traveling to drive around and tell everyone! First we talked to Heather who was almost in tears of excitement! Then Kayla who had one of my favorite reactions, "That's F**king Fantastic"!!!! I was shocked to have gotten a hold of Heidi :) Turns out we called their house when Tyler was getting ready for school - so he heard the phone! YEAH! She was also very excited - I'm working on getting here here now to meet McRae # 2 (still working on a creative name for this baby)...but if she comes, we're holding her hostage so she can hang out and hold baby all day long! Then we told Colleen - Callie was doing some blabbering to both Kayla & Colleen, so we told them we taught her Morris Code for "I'm going to be a big sister!"

We talked to our grandparents as well! My Grandma Schwartz made me chuckle - in a sweet old lady voice she said, 'Now that's a sneaky way of telling us!"

Hope you enjoyed the videos! I'm so happy we captured these moments on video to cherish forever! So far, # 2 is getting as much attention as Callie did - my personal goal is to make sure I do all of the same fun things :)


  1. The videos were priceless!!!! LOVE IT! she was like a flying a bee when she fell lol :) Congrats! Love all of you!

  2. so awesome! your Mom's reaction is the best!!

  3. Thanks :) It was so much fun to have a special way of telling everyone! If you go back to July 2009 you can see the video of how we told our families with Callie :) The "Cat" video! Haha


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