Saturday, November 26, 2011

McDoubles Week 12

Well, I believe it is time I get these weekly McDouble updates rolling :) There have been so many changes with my body that I can't even begin to explain them all :) And talk about different pregnancies :) Yes - here they are :)

I have really enjoyed looking back at my blog posts from the time I was pregnant with Callie! There are some similarities with this pregnancy, and some obvious differences :) One being that we're having TWINS and not just one :)

With Callie, I didn't start showing until I was about 5 months pregnant (20 weeks), and honestly, I didn't know WHEN I would start showing with this pregnancy. My Dr. told me that my uterus is still tilled from the last pregnancy - basically, this means that I carry more "inward" for a long time and then "pop" out. Typically, if you have a tilted uterus with your first pregnancy, it stays outward so you start showing more quickly with your 2nd. Mine went back...She thought I would carry this way again had we had one child, but she knew I could pop at any moment with twins :) Her recommendation for me was to PULL OUT MY MATERNITY CLOTHES! So that night, I washed them all :) I just have to put them away :)

So here I am - 12 weeks pregnant and there's our bump :) Can you believe there are TWO babies in there :) I love it! I like to think that God knew Josh and I had done such a great job so far with Callie that he wanted to bless us with two more :)

Okay, so it's not THAT much, but it's enough so my favorite jeans no longer fit :( Actually on our way home from Thanksgiving, I had to ride home the whole way with my jeans undone, because they were TOO TIGHT! So I think I officially popped on Friday, November 25th :)

So here are some of the things that are similar with my pregnancies :)

NO MORNING SICKNESS! And BOOM goes the Dynamite :) I can't tell you how fortunate I am :) I know several women who have a hard time keeping anything down in their pregnancies, but I am VERY fortunate in the fact that I feel GREAT! I do get the random queasy moments, but they are far and few between.

Here are more differences (but are to be expected!!!!)

I'm so much more tired with this pregnancy. I sometimes find myself feeling guilty for being so exhausted. I hate being away from Callie during the day, but by time I get home from work, I am so tired that I need to sleep... Then I'm too tired to cook or too tired to clean. I'll play with Callie on the floor and BAM I'm sucks being this exhausted. Here's the best way to explain how it feels for those of you who have never felt this way before...Picture a time when you were extremely hung over or sleep deprived. That tired feeling you feel ALL day and how it affects everything you can and cannot do (others call this MOTIVATION) - yeah...that's how I always feel!

I'm hungry ALL THE TIME! I haven't had any crazy cravings, but there have been a few times that I've HAD to have french fries and a chocolate malt. Today for example :) Callie woke up when I came home from McDonald's - she benefited from my craving :) But seriously, I have to eat every couple hours...probably because I have two babies taking everything...but still - it's crazy!

With Callie, the smell of meat made me nauseous in the first trimester. Not with this one. This one - whatever food I personally do not prepare...I think smells HORRIBLE and it makes me nauseous. Josh said the best way to avoid feeling that way is to just cook all of the meals myself :) Gee thanks sweetie :) Remember that feeling exhausted all the time!

It took us awhile for the thought of twins to really sink in, but it has and I am SO excited :) TWINS! We are doubly blessed :)

So many people have asked several of the following questions:

1. How are you feeling about this?
Seriously - is that a good question? I mean of COURSE we're excited! We're going to be an instant family of 5 :) We're going to have so much more love to give and we get to do it together :)

2. How have you been feeling?
Feeling great - just tired and more hungry - but there ARE two babies taking everything they can get from me!

3. Do twins run in your family?
No - they don't! Which is why were were so shocked. Not shocked - sad shocked, but shocked - WOW, how did this happen!?

4. (follow up to #3) How did this happen?
Well, we had sex two times that night? Seriously? We had no control over this. We didn't take fertility drugs, we just got doubly lucky :) If you want the honest answer - here it is...
The Dr.'s think that when I went off my birth control, I dropped two eggs (one being from my pill & one being natural)...and well, as any fertile mertil would have it...

5. Are you going to go back to work?
Of course I am. We can't afford to have one of us stay home...and live on one income. I know if we wanted to make it work that way - we could...but we're not going to do that. So yes, I am going to go back to work!

I have been doing a lot of reading about twin pregnancies, and I really hope I am one of the mom's who can avoid bed rest :) I will have so many more ultra sounds, but that's me, it means more pictures of our growing babies :) We'll be in the hospital a lot more as well, but that's also okay - more attention to make sure everything is going well :)

So stay tuned...tuned for more McDouble updates and pictures...and of course, my weekly growing belly :)


  1. I am so happy for your family! :)

  2. Congratulations! I'm guessing you are not the only one had to ride home from Thanksgiving with your pants unbuttoned. ; )


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