Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Can you believe that the time is FINALLY here...we have reached our half way point! We have only 20 more weeks to go! Oh and so much to do :)

This past week, our school was celebrating Character Counts! Each day we celebrated a different pillar, and we all wore those colors.
Monday=Trustworthiness - BLUE
Tuesday = Respect - YELLOW
Wednesday = Responsibility - GREEN
Thursday = Fairness - ORANGE
Friday = Caring - RED &
Monday = Citizenship - PURPLE

Anyway - it was Friday, Caring...and 21/24 students were wearing red! That's pretty darn good! So I called up the other 3 students to receive a red smiley face sticker wear so they had red as well! It worked...they were happy!

Then we started having a great conversation about Caring, and how we can show people we care. They ended up coming to the conclusion that you show people you care with your heart...because caring is love! So I showed them my "Red Heart" stickers that I had (leftovers from Valentine's Day last year! So I gave all of my students a red heart to put on their cheeks. This is the conversation that followed them receiving their stickers:
Mrs. McRae "Almost everyone has a red heart sticker on their cheek...who doesn't have one?"
Students, "You don't Mrs. McRae"
Mrs. McRae, "Oh, you are right...thank you! (then I put one on my cheek) Now who else doesn't have one (thinking they were going to say Mrs. Maxa, our classroom paraprofessional who was standing right there...)"
Students, "Your baby, Mrs. McRae"

Yup - cutest story EVERY! So they had me put a red heart sticker on my tummy to wear all day...that way McBaby was cared about!
So now we are on WEEK 20...our halfway point :) YEAH! Can you believe how quickly that time has gone! Here is my updated belly for your viewing pleasure :)

Josh & Cori


  1. Times have sure changed - I never took pics of my stomach!!! hahahaha Exciting to see that McBaby growing - he/she is calling for his/her McGramma!!! XOOXXOXOXO

  2. Did you have a camera back then mom!? Hahaha-just kidding!!!

    But isn't it fun for you to be able to see how much we've changed!?


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