Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Week 21

So here we are...more than half way there :) I am 21 weeks along and still feeling great!

Here are a couple of crazy updates:

1. Our baby is the size of a large banana right now -weighing in at approximately 11 ounces :)

2. I have FINALLY developed a craving for FOOD! Not any particular food, just food in general. I can't seem to get enough to eat.

3. I'm in the annoying in between stage: my dress pants are starting to get too tight and the
rubber band only goes so far; however I am still too small for maternity pants.

4. I have decided at 10:15 PM that I want to eat Mac 'n Cheese, so my AMAZING husband makes it for me...and a special snack for himself! Why not...he'll gain the weight with me :) Only thing, I can lose it while I am nursing...he can't do that!

5. I went this entire pregnancy without any problems. No puking, not really that tired, no aches and pains...until now! For the past 3 days, throughout the day, I have gotten this NASTY burn in my throat. It's not heart burn, because I've had that before. It feels like I swallowed a jar of Tabasco just burns. Some ladies at work have said 2 things: 1. I'm carrying high, so the baby is pushing up on my stomach causing the acid to come out, and 2. it means our baby will have a lot of hair!

These weeks are really starting to fly by. We have our next Dr.'s appointment next week...then we start going twice in Dec./Jan. and then EVERY week in February-March! I can't believe how quickly these are coming!

I think one of these days I'm going to try and get Josh on here to post his thoughts and stories...we'll see! (Josh, this was your hint!)

Some fun news that's been happening in our lives:
1. All 3 cats are still healthy! YEAH!!!

2. We come home at night to deer in our backyard ALL THE TIME :) The other day we had deer right next to our deck staring into our patio window...SO COOL! Cooper was going nuts :) I think he was thinking that he could take on the deer!

3. Striker has a new fascination with my bras. He wraps himself up in them and rolls around in it. He doesn't chew them - just rolls in them! Weird cat - must get that from his dad!

4. We spent Halloween up in the cities with Kayla and Mike ! We went to the Gopher Football game and then downtown to some bars. I was dressed up like Flo, and won a costume contest at one of the bars :) It was awesome!

5. Our nursery is complete...and I know I've said this before, but it's such a great feeling! And we have our bedding picked out that we want, along with the stroller/car seat and pack 'n play, etc...

Anyway - that's a quick snapshot into our lives! Staying busy, but still managing our time :)CHRISTMAS IS SOON! I can't wait to play Christmas music soon! Just wanted to get that out there!

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  1. I have heard that same things about the heart burn = lots of hair. A few of my girl friends said the same thing that they had heart burn a lot and their babies came out with tons, and tons of hair!


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