Saturday, November 14, 2009

Josh Update

I know how much my lovely wife has wanted me to get on here and update this so I'm going to do it for her as an anniversary present. Things are going very well for us. We had our new furniture delivered today. It is so much different than before. I was used to all this space downstairs, and now we have a MASSIVE couch down there. People will be able to sit down when we have rock band nights. The bad part about the big couch is it shows how small a 42 inch TV is from that far back. Looks like we will have to start saving for a 60 incher.

Cori is looking more and more pregnant everyday. I don't know where the first half of the pregnancy went. Time is flying. Cori has really been an amazing pregnant woman. Hardly ever sick, no crazy cravings, she has been in a great mood through the whole thing. Plus as you know she has a million things going on as well. She has been doing well selling pampered chef which is nice for the extra money and it is right up her alley.

The baby room is all put together, it gives me a sense of accomplishment that we have it put together. Luckily my Mom and Grandma came down and really helped out with the workload. I hope McBaby likes their room.

School is going pretty good for me this year. I have a pretty well behaved class. Basketball is starting in another week, I'm looking forward to that. One of my old kindergarten students is going to be the "B" team manager for me this year. He is excited.

On a sad note I think we might be parting ways with Cooper. We love that naughty cat but he continues to wreck everything. He chewed on our new curtains, destroyed our plunger and toilet cleaner, and chews on every electrical wire in the house. We thought he would outgrow it, we tried putting bad tasting stuff on everything, and we are just out of ideas. People said that Austin and Rochester have no kill humane societies. We are pretty sure he has to go. We will miss him but we just can't have all of our stuff ruined.
And to make the cat situation even better just when we thought we were in the clear with Striker I found that he had been peeing in the downstairs bathroom. I'm hoping that it was just a habit because that was where we kept him confined, but I'm worried he might not learn to go back to the litter box. If he keeps the peeing up we might be down to one cat.

Cori and I have been playing New super Mario bros for Wii lately. It is basically old school Mario but you can play up to four people at the same time. I think Cori's favorite part of our play time have been when she had Yoshi and kept eating me and then spitting me into the bad guys, or into holes. I'm not complaining though because I do love it when she plays video games with me.

Since it is our one year anniversary tomorrow I think I'll post a little list of highlights from the year that come to mind. I'll probably miss some things, so cut me some slack if I missed a good one.
*Our wedding day and reception.
*Honeymoon up north.
*The morning we found out we were pregnant.
*Making the cats in the bag video and telling family and friends.
*First ultrasound visit.
*Feeling the baby move for the first time.
*Watching my beautiful wife becoming a mom.

What a year! Alright I'm going to go make sure Cooper isn't wrecking anything. Expect a post soon with pictures of the new furniture.
p.s. I love you Schmoopy, Happy Anniversary!

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  1. You guys have had quite a year! Congrats, many blessings to you guys
    Happy Anniversary!


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