Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Week 23

At 23 weeks, I find myself hitting the in between stages of pregnancy. Some days I look very pregnant, others I don't. This morning when I woke up and was looking at my side profile in the mirror (something I find myself doing ALL the time now), I barely looked pregnant! If you didn't know me, you would think that I just had a little tummy fat!

But by this afternoon, there he/she was :)

This week in school I have been talking to my kids a lot about the meaning of Thanksgiving and the different types of things we should be thankful for. I started talking about the basic things to be thankful for (in kid terms):
Toys, snacks, blankets, clothes, games, etc...

Then we got into some bigger ideas such as:
house (and why we need homes), beds, food, etc...

Then we hit the big one:
Family and friends! We were able to realize that without our family and friends, we wouldn't have a lot of things in our life! It was a big concept for kindergarteners to understand :) But they did it ;)

Then I was about to demonstrate the writing activity we were going to begin working on, and I was listing different things I am thankful for. Then one of my students said, "Mrs. McRae, you should be thankful for your baby." Now I like to have students explain their answers, so I asked, "You are absolutely right, why should I be thankful for my baby?" And this little girl responded by saying, "Because that is the one that God gave to you!" Then at that very moment, a little boy said, "And you should be thankful for Mr. McRae". Again I responded by saying "You are right, but why should I be thankful for Mr. McRae?" And he responded by saying, "Because he loves you and takes care of you!"

It was the sweetest conversation! It brought a couple little tears to my eyes :)

So here I am...23 weeks pregnant, feeling great and loving every minute of this experience! I cannot wait to meet McBaby!

McBaby is moving around a lot more now too :) I think he/she is telling McGramma to get that Thanksgiving meal cooking...YUMMY! SUPER hungry for some delicious Thanksgiving food and some of McGrampa's FAMOUS Pumpkin Pie!!! I wonder if McGrampa will make an extra one for McBaby to take home and savor??? Sure hope so!

On another note: I have been unbelievably busy these past couple weeks. I have been holding several Pampered Chef parties, and keeping myself rather busy! I also have a lot of committee meetings and class. Josh has been such a great support in helping me out! He's cooked dinner a few more times and carried my laundry up and down for me! I love you Schmoopy! Things will slow down again after Thanksgiving! Just have to get through a couple more PC Parties. I figure it'll be great money for us right around Christmas!

Anyway, today I came home from one of my meetings and guess what I saw! The most beautiful sight...Josh putting up our Christmas lights and putting our two Christmas deer in the front yard! The deal is, I can't have the lights on until AFTER Thanksgiving. If I wait and decorate the house over Thanksgiving weekend, then I can listen to all the Christmas music I want :) YEAH! It's totally worth the wait!

Striker has been looking to get outside more. Josh thinks we should get a leash and take him on kitty walks :) Here is a picture that I took of him tonight...this is where he waits when he knows one of us is outside. He just wants to be out there...

Until later,
Josh, Cori & McBaby

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