Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Week 22 ~ 5 1/2 Months along :)

I feel like I just wrote about week 21 yesterday, and here we are-at week 22 already!

Today was a bit of an emotional day for me. You see, I haven't felt the baby move in a couple days, so I started to panic. I had been feeling the baby move everyday since Week 17!

I talked with my Dr. and they asked me to come in to listen to the heartbeat to help me feel better! She even recommended I drink more orange juice. So I had a lot of OJ at lunch today rather than my typical milks!

Josh had an IEP meeting, so he couldn't go with, so I had to go alone. I was sitting in the waiting room-nervous as anything. Thinking, "what am I going to do/say/react if there isn't a heartbeat?" What if something happened? I started getting myself all worked up...which is NOT what I needed, especially sitting there alone.

But I went back with the nurse and met with our Dr. He was so helpful and made me feel so much better. He mentioned how bad he actually feels for the mother, because they are the ones carrying the baby...if something goes wrong, they blame themselves...which is true.

But - he put the warm gel on my stomach and we heard the heartbeat INSTANTLY! Then, to ease my mind, he asked if I had my phone or camera to record the most beautiful sound :)

So-turn up your volume...Here's the most beautiful sound in the world! The sound of McBaby's heart beating! It takes a few seconds for you to really hear the heartbeat...so listen close!

I've done some growing as well! Our baby is now a little more than 1 pound and about 8 inches long! I have gained 11 pounds...weighing in at 156 before! I'll save you from the math - I was 145 pounds pre-baby! And YES...I was 145 pounds...nobody ever believes me!

We were supposed to have an appointment on Friday, but because I went in today, our next appointment is not until December. Starting in December we go twice a month :) This time is going by SO QUICKLY!

We also got the cutest baby toy from a friend at work! It is a ball that rolls around and lights up! It makes different noises and does shapes and colors! It's super cute!!!


  1. McGramma was scared when you called me...but thankfully all is good!!! The heartbeat was saying....I want Gramma....I want Gramma!!

  2. Haha - I think that is what McMommy was thinking to...except it was "I want my mommy, I want my mommy!"


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