Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Week 24

I feel like these weeks are going by more quickly than I can keep up with. We are on week 24 already! WOW!!

McBaby is officially (according to the books) 1.5 pounds and 8.5 inches long! McBaby is sure growing rather quickly! He/she has been doing a lot of moving lately too :)

They say that your baby can hear things at this time, and playing different types of music can be very beneficial for their growth and development! Good thing it's time for Christmas music, because I believe that is the number 1 key factor in producing strong, healthy children! Josh may disagree...but I'll play it daily until Christmas :) Hahaha!!

This past week Josh and I had conferences at our school. All day Monday and Tuesday. And to top that off, Josh had basketball practice both days. Poor least he only made one kid throw up from all the running they did!

I found out some VERY sad news during one of my conferences. One of my little students told me she is MOVING and next week is her LAST week :( I started crying during the conference...I hate seeing kids leave. She is such a wonderful individual too. Everyday she touches my stomach and tells the baby she loves him/her! And then she kisses it :) It's the most precious thing.

I have another student that was working on her handwriting, and I was helping her. Then she stopped, looked at my stomach, stood up, patted my stomach and said, "You're getting so big in there!"

Haha - they say the cutest things :)

We are spending Thanksgiving up at my mom and dad's house this year, and I am very excited! Nobody bakes a pumpkin pie like my dad does :) SO EXCITED! We will also be having a Thanksgiving breakfast with Josh's Dad and Sharon ...and we get to see Kayla and Mike :) Super pumped!

I'll post some holiday pictures this weekend!

Happy Thanksgiving and happy travels!

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  1. you're getting the cutest baby bump! i love it!


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