Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Week 19

Well, we are almost half way there, can you believe it!

There really haven't been any changes. One day I am showing more and the next day I can barely tell. I find that when I'm showing more, I don't have to go to the bathroom as much, but when I'm barely showing...I'm constantly going. I have come to the conclusion that McBaby sits RIGHT on my bladder when he/she is hiding from the world!

I also have come to a new conclusion. So I've been feeling REALLY good throughout this entire pregnancy, but I do have something to complain about! Either the weather is REALLY bad this year, or I have a TERRIBLE case of allergies throughout. I swear I have a sinus headache everyday. But hey - If this is the only thing that I have to complain about, I'll take that in a heart beat!

The other news is about the H1N1 vaccination. At first I was not going to get it, because some Dr.'s were saying "YES" to have it and others were saying that pregnant women should "NOT" get it. Josh and I had a heart to heart with our Dr., and she informed us that it is the Nasal vaccination that is REALLY bad for pregnant women. The H1N1 shot is 100% safe and will cause no harm to myself or McBaby. It is because the shot is a "dead virus" so it doesn't carry anything. The nasal spray is what can cause harm to a preggo lady!

Austin still does not have the H1N1 vaccination available...so now I'm just counting down the days until it arrives...you see, several have been out in our school with H1N1...I just hope it avoids me (and the other teacher in my building that is pregnant). For all you preggos out there...WASH YOUR HANDS CONSTANTLY! For anyone else coming in contact with a pregnant lady...WASH YOUR HANDS! If you are sick...just stay away :) It's all love, I swear!

Enjoy the pictures...next week is our half way point...maybe McBaby will make an appearance by then!?

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