Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Week 17-WHAT A WEEK!!!!

What a week this has been! If our baby has ever had more excitement in his/her short life...it is this week!

We went to the Gopher Football game on Saturday vs. Wisconsin Badgers. They lost, but it was so much fun to be apart of the atmosphere! Then on Sunday we went to the MN Twins last home game in the dome! Well, what would have been the last game. There were so many great memories that have been created in the dome...and we were able to be apart of so many of them! I guess we'll only go there now for Vikings Games! But that's okay- we like them too!

Speaking of which...Monday Night Football - can it BE anymore exciting! Vikings Vs. Packers...HECK YES! The best part: We are in a Fantasy Football League, and I was up against our good friend Jason Denzer. Well, going into Monday night I was down 23 points...WELL! Good thing I have Favre as my quarterback, because he brought the heat! I came back and WON!

Tonight the Twins played for the Division Title Vs. Detroit...went into 12 innings and they also WON! Seriously SUCH A GREAT WEEK IN SPORTS :) And this poor baby has been suffering my lack of sleep because of all the excitement.
The good news is that Josh and I have our season tickets already for next year and our seats ROCK! Section 103 Row 3...HECK YEAH :) And McBaby will be about 2-3 weeks old and already staying with a sitter (Grandma Lynn...are you available on April 12th to babysit?) because Josh and I will NOT miss the home opener in the new stadium :) SWEET!!!!

Maybe Josh will read this post and provide me with a really good, long back rub soon!!!

So I'm not popping out officially the way I thought I would. It's more I'm starting to just look fat...not pregnant. People may say "oh look, you're popping" - but that's because they know I'm pregnant...in all reality-I'm just looking fatter-which sucks!

You must notice my sweet attire in my pictures tonight too! I couldn't bare to take off my Twins attire...but I also didn't want to be in jeans :) So my comfy sweats it is!!!

We also have some new attire for our baby! New Gopher onesie, a Twins Tee (2-both gender specific), and a MN Gopher mobile to hang above our crib...it even plays the MN Rowser! Our baby will be singing that by 6 months in age :) YEAH :)

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