Monday, October 19, 2009

McBaby's room is almost ready :)

During the middle of week 18, Josh's mom and Grandma came down (McBaby's Grandma and Great-Grandma) to help us paint and finish the nursery. I can't explain to you how helpful this was. The amount of time the three of them put in is unbelievable.

Grandma painted the ENTIRE living room for us! She and I went to the store to pick out some paint on Thursday afternoon, and then Viola...just like that, Friday evening the room is painted and put back together! It looks awesome! We did get new blinds as well, but I forgot to take a picture of if you want to see how beautiful they look, either wait for the pictures - or just come down to Austin to see :)

While she was busy painting, and I taping, taking pictures, breathing in paint fumes and relaxing...Josh and Lynn were busy sanding down an old dresser. You see, why buy an expensive dresser when you can just refinish one that you have AND make it so that it matches the bedroom :) We did just this - Correction...THEY did just this! I can take no credit in the process, just the color choice :)

While we were putting the living room back together, Josh recommended we put the glass case in the guest room...then suggested we get ride of ONE of the night stands in there (we had two). Then I came up with a BRILLIANT idea...why not refinish that too so that it'll match the nursery and dresser (sorry mom and dad - I know this was part of your bedroom set, but I figured McBaby would benefit more!)!!! Needless to say, I gave Josh and Lynn more work :) The animals on the dresser are a special gift that Josh bought for our baby! A hippo and a Hippo book, and an elephant with an Elephant book!

Grandma finished the living room early, so she helped the other two with their projects! Lynn is an unbelievable painter (YES YOU ARE LYNN!!!) and not only painted the entire nursery, but added a special grandma touch...she put little white dots around the entire room where the yellow and green meet. It really added a final touch.

Oh yes, and while we were shopping for paint, Grandma wanted to buy Josh his Birthday/Christmas she bought him a glider for the nursery! Looks like I will benefit the most from his gift (maybe not though!) now all we have to do is go back and get the ottoman :) LOVE IT! It has a locking effect on it so that it can rock and then lock when you want to get out of the glider ! That way McBaby will not meet the floor :)

The beautiful crib that you see put together is a gift from McBaby's Grandma Lynn! She wanted her grandchild to be safe and have a good night's sleep! We absolutely love it!!!

Here is an upclose picture of the Gopher Mobile we bought! It doesn't match at all, but it was WAY too cute to pass up! That and it plays the Minnesota Rowser, so our baby will be a Gopher fan right away! This is also a preview of McBaby's closet. I'm a little obsessed with buying clothes...can you tell :) Some of these are gifts too, so I don't feel as bad! But they are just too cute NOT to buy!

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