Saturday, November 19, 2011

Didn't see that one coming...

Josh and I had our first ultra sound appointment today with our OB-GYN. She is amazing and we love her :) Her son also plays basketball in Austin, so we know the family :)

We sat down, gave our usual information, had the "beginning of your pregnancy" talks, and even got to have a vaginal ultra sound! Too graphic for you - too bad :)

Right away she pulled our baby up! PERFECT! He/She looked so beautiful! She kept commenting on how healthy our baby was and the head was a beautiful size and everything :)

She printed our first picture!

It was a special moment again! We were able to see our 2nd child moving around inside of me! What a feeling :)

Then she started moving it around a little bit, looked at the nursing student and said, "Are you seeing what I'm seeing?!" I immediately looked at the nursing student, looked at the Dr. and looked back at the screen. I then said, "What, what are you seeing?"

Oh yes, two babies :) That's right! The McRae's are having TWINS! Officially their name is going to be referred to as: McDouble!

Both of us had an initial reaction where we wanted to scream out swear words in shock and wonderment; however, we restrained ourselves. We pretty much just sat there staring at the screen saying, "Are you sure, are you sure?" Josh kept saying, "Oh my gosh oh my gosh".

They are BOTH extremely healthy and right on track! Here is a bit of information for you in case you are wondering :)
Our due date is June 9th; however, having multiples, they thought I would probably go early and have the twins in May sometime. She even talked about the possibility of having to go on BED REST :( Some mom's of two have to, so she wanted me to be reminded of that.

Both babies are healthy, moving around, and growing at a good pace!

We are measuring about 11-12 weeks (so they're big babies, but I'm not showing yet!).

They are NOT identical twins. Looking at the pictures, you can see a clear line separating the two babies. That simply means that there are two "sacks" that the babies are living in. If they were sharing the same sack, that would be more dangerous, because they would be sharing all of their nutrients - meaning one could be hogging the goods :) If they were in the same sack, they would also be identical twins. Because they have their own sacks, they are fraternal twins, meaning they might not look anything alike :) One could be a boy, one a girl or both the same gender :) Who knows!

When we had Callie, we were among the 4% of the population to have her on our due date!
We have no twins on either side of our family; therefore that makes us part of some smaller percentage. 3% of the population has twins, but that includes those that have twins in their families. I'm sure we're among a .25% on this one!

What is up with us and crazy odds :) Turns out Fertile Mertile met Super Sperm with these babies :)
I have no idea how Callie is going to react to this. It's going to be CRAZY and one heck of a roller coaster ride! Luckily we have an amazing support system to help us and love up on these babies :)

Twins - AH! TWINS! We are having TWINS!


  1. That is such amazing news!!! congrats on the McDoubles!!

    Love, Brenda

  2. So very excited about this news! And a fun article to read. Make sure to keep us up on the blog. Will need to see pics of the belly growing! LOL! Congrats to you and the McDoubles!

  3. I am still laughing Cori! I was laughing in bed last night - and then you called - and I started laughing all over again. Probably because of your comment to me during your lunch yesterday...NO MOM THERE IS ONLY ONE BABY IN THERE...WHY WOULD YOU EVEN THINK THERE WAS TWO???!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA But you know we are so unbelievably excited and want a happy and healthy BABIES born in May/June - and for you to have an uneventual pregnancy and be healthy. We love all of you very much!

    XOXOXOXOXOXO hahahahahahha

  4. SO HAPPY! Shannon couldn't hold in the news and told me this morning!! ONLY YOU TWO! :) SO perfect!! :) CONGRATS! :) LOVE YOU

  5. I heard this through the APS grapevine and had to come check it out for myself. A huge congratulations to you both!



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