Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Color Dash

On Saturday, September 29th, my sister Heidi and I, along with my rock star nephew Tyler, ran the Color Dash in Owatonna, MN.

I woke up and remember thinking, man, I really just want to stay at home and sleep.  SO GLAD I DIDN'T!  If you ever have the opportunity to run the color dash - DO IT!  Seriously SO MUCH FUN :)

It was a 5K race, and the proceeds were going towards their HS students who were putting together a video about the 'after effects of suicide'.  They were going to distribute this across the country (I believe)...

We started out completely white -and as you can tell...that changed rather quickly!

 The color packets :)  They were made out of corn starch and food coloring -so not really paint...we had to save these for the very end :)

Here we are pre-race!

The start - we were towards the front!  This day turned out to be AWESOME!

And the people behind us!  They had to heats running that day - this was also the FIRST year they ever had the Color Dash...over 1000 people in the first heat alone :)

Color Fairies were running around :)

Tyler dove in the green color!  Now this is how you get colorful :)

Heidi looks like she's laying in a pool of blood!  I color dove the blue, but that picture is on Heidi's camera :)

After the race photo :)  We were probably the most colorful people there!  SO.MUCH.FUN.

Of course we needed our picture taken with the random gorilla ;)

Heidi and I were making "color angels"!!!!  SO FUN!  This was taken AFTER the Color Explosion...we all threw our color packets in the air and it poured on top of us :)  It was a rainbow of colors!

Heidi runs a lot of 1/2 marathons, and she keeps trying to get me to run one...I have this thing that I will ONLY run a 1/2 if I run the whole thing.  I know I could do it no problem, but my knees get so bad that I don't want to stop!  So I am sticking to 5K's for summer though - next summer I will run a 1/2 marathon and I won't walk!  At least the 5K I don't have to train's only 3.1 miles...that's easy!

Thanks for the awesome memories Heidi & Tyler :)

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