Friday, September 21, 2012

"Time for your checkup..."

Oh Doc McStuffins!  You have quickly taken over our home and Callie's heart!
Who is she you may wonder??  Well - here she is!

She is a doctor who has her own playhouse and she takes care of all her stuffed animals!  It really is a cute show!

Callie is pretty much obsessed!  She plays doctor ALL the time now - seriously, ask my dad!  Last weekend Callie checked him out like 60 times - he said he is definitely healthy now :)  We bought Callie the Doc McStuffins doll because we thought she'd like her...well, she LOVES her!  She plays her all the time, fixes Lamby and sleeps with her!  I love listening to Callie talk to Doc about everything :)  So sweet!  She even has a Doc McStruffins hair do :)

 I love having our very own Doc McCallie :)

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