Tuesday, September 4, 2012

2012 First Day of School

Today marks the first day of the 2012-2013 school year.  For everyone else, it is the day they send their kids off to school.  Kindergarten, second grade, middle school, high school senior and college...for these individuals, they have already done the hardest thing...daycare.

While everyone plasters all over Facebook how excited they are to see their kids go off to school, my heart breaks into a million pieces.

Callie has been going to Jessica's house for two years now, and the first day of school is always difficult.  But this year is extra hard.  You see, on May 20, 2012, my heart grew 3X its size.  I always wondered how I could possibly ever love any other children as much as I love Callie.  God answered this question for me - he didn't make my heart smaller or categorize my love for Collin & Carter...he simply made it BIGGER!  He made it so big that I am over flowing with love for my children.

So when we send our children off to daycare - we don't have to "settle"...we got TOP NOTCH care for our children!  We get...Jessica!

For all of you "Mom's" (or dad's) out there that have the ability to stay home with your children, I envy you!  I would love more than anything to stay home with my children, play with them all day, steal kisses and hugs every minute, play-play-play all day, snuggle on the couch, each breakfast and lunch together, make a mess, and teach...Oh how I would love to teach my children everyday!  But I can't -why?  Because my husband and I are both teachers and we just can't afford not to work.  Yes, we could budget and make it work, but we also like to enjoy life...and spoil our children!

Along with Jessica comes some amazing "big siblings" to Callie :)  Alexis (3rd Grade) and Jet (2nd Grade).  I first met the Crews family when I had Alexis in my kindergarten classroom!  I thank God everyday for this placement :-)

Now Jessica...oh how we love Jessica!  We have hit JACKPOT with Jessica!  She is loving, kind, honest, caring, silly, smart, and the best thing that could have possibly happened to our family and caring for our children.  Callie adores her, and Collin & Carter are falling in love with her!

The adorable outfits were a gift to us from our friends, the Bonorden Family!  Thank you so much :)  Can you believe the boys are big enough to wear these!?  Perfect first day of school outfit!



So here we are, the first day of school!  When you get all excited about sending your children off to school, remember the day when you had to leave them for the first time...knowing that this was it - the school year had begun and your daily cuddles were limited to the evenings...

How many days until Summer Vacation???

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  1. I love their outfits!!! Must be something out the name Jessica....my best ever daycare name too.


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