Friday, September 21, 2012

Collin & Carter 4 Month Update

Josh and I were just talking the other day how these past four months really have flown by.  The hardest part now is finding Josh and Cori time.  Between working a full time job, coming home to three very needy children and preparing a healthy dinner for my family - we just don't have time to just "be us"...

Their Gopher hats still fit :)  Even better now!!

We are very good at making time - whether it's hugs in the kitchen or kisses through passing (I love when Callie calls us out on it too..."MORE KISSING???" - in a whiny voice!!!)  our favorite TV shows together or crashing at the end of an exhausting day!  We've made it through the most difficult begins...TEETHING!  Yes, they are BOTH teething!

Four Month Update

Food - This month was a little stressful in the feeding department!  If you remember a previous post, hundreds of ounces of breast milk were lost in an accidental freezer incident.  To help replenish my stock, our boys have been drinking 3 ounces of breast milk mixed with 2 ounces of water and one scoop of formula.  The bad news: they are drinking some formula everyday :(  The good news: I am able to freeze about 25-30 ounces of breast milk every day and I am going to do this for one entire month.  The other good news is that it is filling Collin up more...see "Sleep" below for an update!

Sleep - Carter has been sleeping through the night for awhile now, but Collin JUST STARTED as well :)  YEAH!   Sunday night, September 16, Collin slept through the night and has 4/5 days!  It is so nice!  Every now and then someone gets up, whether it is Callie, Collin or Carter - but being parents, we better just be used to it!

Clothes - The boys were wearing 3 month clothes the entire month, and can still fit into MOST (if not all) of their 3 month clothes.  Lately I have been putting them in their 3-6 month clothes...which are WAY too big -everything has to be rolled in the pants and ankles!

Weight - Once again, we aren't 100% sure on weights.  The boys go in on October 4th for their 4 month appointment, so we will know then.  At a recent Urgent Care visit, Carter weighed 13 pounds.  The next day we weighed Collin at Jessica's and he was about 12 pounds.

 Collin was so blasted happy in these pictures that I couldn't decide which ones to post :) 
So I posted them both!

Carter was so stiff, but smiley as well :)

Height - We are unsure of this at the moment too.

Diapers - Both boys are wearing Size 2 Diapers.  This is where I become a diaper snob!  Huggies are okay when they are newborns...but now that the boys are growing, I am Pampers all the way!  

Health - Besides the spitting up, Collin has been doing awesome!  He is a happy healthy little boy!  Carter keeps getting thrush.  He doesn't take a paci, so it's not that.  I'm not nursing him, so it's not that.  We clean and sterilize the bottles and nipples...and Collin hasn't gotten thrush again (knock on wood) so I know I'm cleaning them enough...ARG!  Anyway, the new medication he is on is giving him an upset tummy - which causes him to have diarrhea ALL the time...  I promise you this, Carter...your mommy and daddy are doing everything we can to keep you happy!!!  I hate when you feel sad :(

My Gopher Kids!

Fun Facts - Both boys can roll from their tummies to their backs.  They are both so smiley and happy!  Collin makes great eye contact with you and will really watch what you are doing while Carter likes to chill out and look around.  Collin smiles at anyone who talks to him!  Carter will smile for you, but you have to work for him...he is more prone to giving you his gut laugh though :)  Both of the boys have found their hands; however, Carter LOVES looking at his hands!!!

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