Sunday, September 9, 2012

The McRae Playhouse!

I have talked about the playhouse that we are going to build, well - it has finally happened!!!

Josh and I purchased some playhouse plans online for $7.00 and began the process.  I sent the "shopping list" into Menards, Home Depot and Lowes.  Menards came in HUNDREDS of dollars cheaper, so we went with them!  We had the wood shipped to our house so we wouldn't have to pick it up (so glad we did this!).

Our friend/coworker, Garrett is a natural builder!  He came over on Saturday to help Josh (okay Josh helped him) begin the building process!  Callie is already beyond excited for her new playhouse and we can't wait to finish it!

Garrett, THANK YOU so much for taking your time to help us!  I hope Callie's excitement alone shows you our gratitude!  Josh will be over to help you paint your house!!!

Josh busy chiseling away the wood!  I didn't realize they needed to do this to help turn it into a "puzzle" as I called it!

Garrett cutting the wood...which he was very quick at...wicked talented!

The wood pile - it did get smaller :)

Assembling the base structure :)

I love it - it's in a perfect location too - shaded area!

Isn't she a beauty!  They're assembling the boards to hold the floor!  Trellises??  Maybe that's what it's called!

Screwing the floor in :)  YEAH!!!  Man they worked fast!

So I bought an 8 ft. slide and it was too short; however, they didn't have a 10 ft. slide, so we decided to go with it!  Garrett built this wood piece that keeps the slide in place but off the ground (I'm telling you, he's very talented...just created this on his own)...

Callie climbing up and getting ready to slide down!  We learned we need to add some handles, but we'll do that when the house is on top and we're almost done!


Callie doing a test run :)

Haha - what a landing!  She loves it so much and talks about playing on it nonstop!  We're going to turn the bottom into a huge sandbox that will be complete with side seating!  Garrett, thank you!

The boys were hanging out inside!  Thank you Pam for letting us borrow your bumbo seats!  Carter especially likes sitting in it!  He was checking out his brother  :)  So sweet!!!

Soon enough all 3 of our children will be outside playing in their playhouse!  We can't wait for the "house" to be added on top!

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