Sunday, September 9, 2012

Callie's 1.6K = 1 Mile Race~

On Saturday, Callie and I ran in the Hormel Nature Center Run - 1.6K :)  That's a full 1 mile run!  She did so well at the MN Zoo Tiger Trek that I decided to sign her up for this race.  I knew she'd walk a lot of it, but surprisingly, she ran A TON!  It wasn't until the .5 mile turn that she told me that her legs were tired!

Here she is - ready to run!  It was chilly - we took off her sweatpants right before the warmed up really quickly!

She didn't have a problem putting her number on this time!  She wanted it on her back again, but hey - we're getting good :)

Getting a "Good Luck Hug" from Gramma before her big race!
I think it was like Cross Country Races for my mom all over again...all those time she came out to support me, and now her 2.5 year old granddaughter!

1. Callie loves to run.
2. We're promoting a healthy lifestyle at a young age!

Short video of her running at the Hormel Nature Center!

It became a long race (a whole mile), so we made a game out of it - she had to touch every cone that she could run to!  Thankfully there were a lot and they weren't too far away from each other :)  That's what kept her running!

Here she is crossing the finish line!!!

YUMMY Water after a great race!  I'm so proud of you Callie Lynae!  You worked so hard and did such a wonderful job completing your first ever mile run with a time of 20 min. & 45 seconds!

Climbing the big rock like the other kids were doing!

She got a free ball from Overby Orthodontics - they sponsored this race :)  What a wonderful job they did!

My running partner :)  I have a feeling the two of us will run a lot of races together in our future :-)

Enjoying a banana after the race (notice she has her "rainbow" socks on - they are her running socks...or so she says!)

Callie with her biggest fan!

Gramma & her brothers came to support her!  Thanks mom for watching the boys during the race :)

Callie and Scott enjoying their bananas - he did a fantastic job running as well :)  He is almost exactly 1 month older than Callie!!!

HHHMMMM...she's putting chapstick on him - I wonder if she was preparing him for her big kiss, because she planted one on him literally 5 minutes later!  Oh boy, I have a lot to worry about!  At least he's a good kid and I like his parents :)

That's it!  I wonder what race Callie and I will be running next!?!?!

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