Wednesday, August 29, 2012


We just had one of the best weekends ever!  It was so much fun and full of memories!  Collin & Carter are going to look back at this post (because one day it will be in a book) and think - "Nice mom, best day ever and we weren't included?"  Boys, you were included - we love you, we cuddled you, but you weren't physically at the events...most of them.

Turns out Collin can wiggle himself DOWN his bouncy seat...looks like we'll always have to buckle him in now :)  Aren't you proud that I captured the picture BEFORE helping him up!

Daddy spending some serious bonding time with his boys at Papa Don & Sharon's house...All 3 were watching the Vikings!

Saturday, August 25, 2012:
RACE DAY!  We signed Callie up for the .8K (1/2 mile run) at the MN Zoo!  She was so excited to run, and that she did :)  She ran and ran!

Auntie Heidi, Tyler & Trygg ran the 5K.  Had Josh and I known we could have ran that first - we would have and then did the 1/2 mile with Callie...oh well, next year :)

Callie was giving Auntie Heidi a high five after her race!

Who looks this good after running!!!  Callie sure was proud of her auntie!

The Bredlow's!  Trey was at his Grandma Marlene's house!

The McRae's before Callie's big race :)

And we're off!  The horn at the beginning scared her, and then the huge herd of people...but we stepped off to the side, waited for the crowd to pass, and then we started on our way!

She literally ran the entire way too :)  We were so proud!

She even passed a couple kids...she is a smart runner too - keep your pace :)  Don't go too fast or too slow -just right in the middle!  As long as you keep running!

Crossing the finish line!  You can see Auntie Heidi was there to congratulate her!

After her race snack with her cousins!

Our registration got us the race, tshirts and admission to the MN Zoo, so we walked around for a little bit.  She was most excited to see the monkeys, but in all honesty - the bears were by far the best!

Here's why:

 Oh yes, I captured that picture!  Here's a short video of their fight!

Callie having her picture taken with the leopard...she loves the zoo and all the animals.  Turns out, going in the morning is the best -the animals are so much more active during the morning.

Saturday afternoon and all of Saturday evening, Josh and I were at the MN State Fair ALONE!  Josh's dad & Sharon took the kids for us all day.  It was very nice to get away with just the two of us for the day.  We figured we walked close to 35 miles that day - we were exhausted.  We quickly realized that we are actually very old :-)  It was about 9:30 PM, we didn't want to leave, but we were too tired to walk we went home :(  Well, back to his dads!

Sunday, August 26, 2012:
We took Callie to the State Fair!  She had a BLAST!  First we went to the Little Hands Farm so she could explore :)  Today was all about Callie and making sure she had fun!

She did such a good job gathering food for the animals, driving a mini tractor, planting seeds, milking the pretend cow and picking fake apples!  She loved it!  She even said, "I'm good at this" haha :)

Next stop was the Home Depot booth - they have crafts that kids can build each time.  We showed Callie all of her options and she chose the helicopter!  She and daddy did a great job building it together :)

So proud :)

Next up - face painting!  What little girl doesn't enjoy having their face painted!

 I let her pick out whatever she wanted!  I just made sure the design didn't cover her eyes!  I must say, my daughter has good taste!

Rides...oh the rides!  Josh and I have the uncontrollable need to spend money on tickets for rides and games!  Callie had a BLAST - and for the most part enjoys all the rides :)

She's also big enough to go on all the rides...ALONE :(  It's so hard to sit back from the gate and watch her.  I'm not going to lie, I'm surprised this whale didn't break away and swim off on his own!

She wasn't too sure of the swings.  She looked motion sickness, but never threw up (thankfully)!  She's so brave!  That swing literally could have detached and went flying off into the brave!

Next ride is with daddy - the hot air balloons that spin in circles only to be moving in circles!  Oh and Daddy gets motion sickness too...but I get sick from spinning, so he had to go :)

After the fair, we headed over to the Bredlow's house for Trygg's 7th Birthday Party!  It was so wonderful to celebrate with them.  This was the first celebration with any of the Bredlow boys...EVER!  Some of the pictures below won't have any descriptions, but most of them are self explanatory :-)

Party Theme: Angry Birds.  This was Heidi's backyard, the boys LOVED it!  This was hours of fun :)

 Claire, Callie & AJ found a nice shaded spot to color and paint :)

Callie has really taken to Claire & does she love these two :)

Her buddies!

 Gramma Diva Queen - that's what she calls her!

 Kisses for Grampa :)

These shirts ROCK!  I love that they all match!

I know I included a lot of pictures!  More write ups would have been fun, but I'm not on my computer often and wanted to get this posted!  Enjoy our WONDERFUL, AWESOME, BEST weekend you've ever read about :)

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  1. oh my goodness that video of Callie running is the cutest thing! way to go!


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