Monday, August 13, 2012

A Day in the Life...Super Mom Edition

For the past month, I have been at home with my three BEAUTIFUL children while Josh headed back to work.  He is working a modified schedule that our district has in one elementary school and three sections at the Kindergarten Center.  I will be honest, I was completely nervous at first, but I think I needed to be home - alone with my kids to really develop a schedule.

This "Day in the Life" was actually on Monday, August 6, but I haven't been down to my computer to upload a post - and we've been REALLY here it is :)

My day begins about 6:30 AM - on a good day, 7:30 AM!  Collin & Carter are now sleeping much longer.  If they aren't sleeping through the night (Carter did on 8/11!!) they are only getting up once!  This makes for a very happy Mom & Dad!

I do a diaper change, and put them in their outfit for the time being right away!  Head out into the living room to begin feeding one of the boys.  If I am lucky, the other will sleep a little longer while I feed the first...but some days they are both up!  This particular day, they were both up!

Here I am feeding Collin....

 And feeding Carter their morning bottles!  Notice we have burp rags surrounding them...yes, they are still spitters - and honestly, it's insane the amount that comes up!  Good thing I produce enough milk...these boys are taking complete advantage of me...

Callie was still asleep (we're coming up at about 7:30 AM at this point!)  So I let the boys lay in their spots after their feeding (we find moving them makes their food come up more quickly)...while I got ready!  This seriously consists of: brushing teeth, hair & braiding, face & very little makeup & getting dressed...just like that I'm a new woman!  I can usually complete these few morning things within 6 minutes.

When I came back into the living room, it was time to play!  I put Collin on his tummy, while Carter sat in the bouncy seat kicking and laughing!  Collin was being SO cute - and then guess what happened...after a few smiles...

My little boy decided to roll over onto his back :)

I tried to capture it on video, but I got the tail end of it...I will get this :)  I'm so proud of him!

Next up - Carter's turn!

He wanted to just look at the camera lens and look cute - no rolling over for Carter yet, but I know he will soon :)  Collin rolled pretty quickly for his age, so Carter still has some time :)

By 8:00 AM, Callie decided to grace us with her presence!  Right as she got out of bed, she wanted to get dressed!  So I had her dressed, teeth brushed, face washed & hair pulled out of her eyes!  Man we're getting good!  Everything has to be quick, otherwise someone will be screaming!

I met a friend, Kaye, in the hospital when she was giving birth to her daughter and we were in having our boys under the lights.  I ran into Kaye EVERYWHERE - and finally we exchanged phone numbers :)  She invited me to join a group of mom's who go to a different park every Monday!  So this is where we headed!  By 9:30 AM we were packed up and on our way :)

I was so happy to see my friend Brooke there!  This is her daughter Lydia - can you believe that Callie and Lydia were in "Baby Class" together when they were just wee little ones!  Here is the post from when Callie FIRST met Lydia!  Callie's First Classmates

When we got home from the park, we headed downstairs to give Kix his lunch!  Callie helps me with this everyday!!  She's been feeding Kix for QUITE some time now...she's very good at it and he loves her for it - she typically gives him a little more...

Time for lunch!  Callie requested hotdogs and blueberries -so that is what she got!  As you can see, most of the ketchup is on her face!

Lunchtime also meant time to eat for her brothers!  They ate their morning bottle at the park, so this is technically their "3rd" feeding of the day!

Carter's was propped so I could assist Callie and prepare her lunch!

Collin's was also propped for the same reason!  I typically prop their bottles during the lunch time feeding.  That way everyone can eat at the same time!

After the boys ate, I wrapped them up in a blanket, put the bouncy seat on "vibrate" and Carter was OUT!

As was Collin (he got the swing today!)

Let's not forget big sister, Callie - she was asleep too :)  Yes, everyday I have all 3 kids napping from 12:30 PM-2:30 PM :-)  I LOVE these two hours!

During this time I headed out to my garden and picked a ton of green beans & green peppers!  When I got inside I decided to wash them and prepare them for steaming!  I steamed and pureed them into baby food, poured them into ice cube trays and stuck them in the freezer!  I also made Acorn Squash during their nap.

I did some laundry and cleaned a little during their naptime.

Carter was the first to rise, and quickly after was big sister Callie, so Carter and I went into her room :)  She was so excited to have her baby brother waking her up!!!

Callie gets a snack & milk when she wakes up from her nap.  I have a basket of "pre-approved" snacks in the cupboard - at her reach, so she can go in and take what she wants to eat when given permission!  Today she chose fruit snacks!

We played for a bit, and then soon DADDY came home :)  He got right to work holding Carter and playing with Callie and her new ice cream shop play dough toy that my friend Deb gave her :)  SHE LOVES this!!!

Here's the ice cream cone that she so proudly made!

 My boys - playing while Callie made everyone an ice cream cone!!!

While I was preparing supper, Daddy was in charge of entertaining the boys :)  Our friend, Michele, brought over Lasagna for us - so I was getting it dished out for everyone :)  While we were eating, our doorbell rang!  It was our friend's Jane & Colie Justice just stopping by to say hi :)  It was great timing!  Josh and I enjoyed a "baby free" meal TOGETHER while they held the boys :)  Thank you for that!

Quickly after, Mommy & Callie headed to swim lessons :)  I love this picture!  She was such a fish and had a great time swimming!

After lessons, we headed over to the splash pad for some water fun!  She's standing on the water spout here - laughing because it tickles her feet!

As soon as we got home, I gave Callie a quick bath - which she proceeded to run into the living room to sit ON daddy while he was feeding her brothers :) HAha-this picture makes me laugh!

We played for a little bit as a family and then it was time to get everyone ready for bed!

Callie was in bed by 8:30 PM and the boys started their bedtime bottle right after at 9:00 PM - they were asleep and in their beds by 9:30 PM.  After that, Josh and I enjoy a couple hours of silence before heading to bed ourselves...only to wake up once in the middle of the night for a feeding...

And then I start my day all over again :)

And that my a Day in the Life at the McRae house!

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