Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Collin & Carter 3 Month Update

First of all, I can't believe how quickly time has flown since we first welcomed Collin & Carter into our lives.  How quickly Callie has taken ownership on her Big Sister role!

This month has been so enjoyable.  I have really been working hard at getting our boys on a schedule, and I think (besides our evenings and nights), I have it!  In the morning, they enjoy a delicious homemade breakfast (hehe), play, take cat naps, go to parks, on walks, etc...  They eat their lunch while Callie eats her lunch between 11:30-11:45.  I put Callie down for her nap at 12:30, wrap the boys up in a blanket and put them in either the swing or bouncy seat...BAM, just like that - my house is quiet for a good 2 hours :-)  I love this time (everyone is currently napping)...

Both of the boys have been doing a ton of talking and laughing!  They are so excited to see either Josh, Callie or myself.  They recognize our voices and react whenever they hear us.  They have also been tracking objects and sounds very well!

Some exciting news on both boys:
Collin - He has OFFICIALLY ROLLED OVER!  He can roll from his tummy to his back :-)

Carter - He was the first to sleep through the night!  He consistently sleeps from about 9:30 PM-5:00 AM.  That's awesome if you ask me.

Three Month Update

Food - Breast Milk ONLY (still pumping). The boys are drinking about 4-5 ounces every 3-4 hours.  Sometimes during the day they like to snack a little more!  Also, I owe the BIGGEST THANK YOU to Suzanne Cipra Haag (I used to work with her mom).  She sent us so many Dr. Brown bottles, and they have been working WONDERFULLY!  Our boys aren't as gassy anymore and they aren't uncomfortable.  Thank you Suzanne, you will never know how much this has helped us with our boy's comfort, our sanity and overall feeling blessed!



Sleep - Both boys go down about 9:30 PM.  Collin wakes up around 4/4:30 AM and Carter wakes up around 5/5:30 AM.  Both boys go back to sleep until 6:30-6:45 AM.  If I'm lucky they will sleep until 7:30 AM!

Clothes - Both boys are wearing 3 month clothes - which is pretty good, considering they are 3 months of age!  I washed the 3-6 month clothing and am ready to put it away in drawers when the time comes.

Weight - Both boys were weighing in at 10 lbs.  Carter was a little more while Collin was just at 10 lbs.  I'm sure by now they are both 11 lbs!

Height - on August 1 Collin was 22.5" long and Carter was 22" long.

Diapers - They are both in Size 1 diapers; however, I have noticed that they will quickly be growing out of these as well :-(  Size 2 diapers...you are quickly approaching.

Collin on top, Carter on bottom 
(See, I can still do the same things I did with Callie - it's all about taking the time and setting priorities!  Their baby books are already filled out as well!!)

Health - They are both still spitting up and it comes up frequently.  Some feedings they hold it down, while others they let it ALL out.  We have mastered our abilities to possibly wear only 1-2 outfits a day!  We are, however, going through about 50 burp rags a day.  I have to do laundry daily or I get WAY behind.

Fun Facts - Both boys love to be outside!  They love their big sister, and give her a lot of smiles.  Callie really enjoys them as well!  She is constantly hugging, kissing, singing to them, dancing for them, and telling them how much she loves them!  We really couldn't be more blessed with the awesome kids that we have!  They are both very smiley and happy!  Collin wants to be cuddled more, which is FINE BY ME!  Carter is more content playing independently.  Collin has been known for his Mohawk now...we just can't picture him without it!

I can't help but feel so overly joyed with the amount of love we share in our family!  It's perfect...to me!  Loud, messy and crazy -but I love it!

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