Wednesday, August 22, 2012

McRae Kids at their finest!

I thought it might be fun to showcase my kids at their finest!  Also to share in some of the fun things we have been doing this summer :)

Callie loves these goggles!  She doesn't wear them as much as she did, but Auntie Heidi got her hooked :)  She's so funny!

Callie is very supportive of encouraging her brothers during tummy time!  You can see just how pissed Carter is in this picture -but it's so cute!  She sure loves her brothers!

Callie also enjoys showing her brothers new and different toys!  She was trying to get Collin to enjoy soccer, but I believe he was telling her that we are a basketball family :)

My friend Shannon Branstad welcomed her firstborn daughter: Alaina "Lainey" Violet Branstad.  She is absolutely beautiful!  I am so proud of John and Shannon for bringing her into the world!  She is PERFECT!

Callie likes Shannon and wanted her picture taken with her :)  So sweet!

Callie and I with Lainey :)  AH - I can't believe how much bigger my boys are already - and they're only 2.5 months older than her...

The happy family!  Great job you two!  PERFECTION!

This picture makes me chuckle!  My boys are 2.5 months older than she is...and they were both smaller than her at birth!  Birth weight L-R:
Carter 5.8 lbs, Lainey 7.2 lbs, Collin 6.0 lbs  Man I have porkers :)  LOVE THIS!

Couldn't forget about my little miss!  Shannon, I am so excited to watch our children grow together!  Collin seems to be the one who has taken the most interest in her, so I think he's going to put his mack daddy moves on your Little Miss - I'd love to have her as my daughter in law :-)

Hanging out in the front yard while big sister does her thing...dancing!

Callie taking a snack break from her dancing :)

While Josh was putting together my new kitchen table, Callie got to eat in front of the TV.  I didn't want her crumbs all over the floor, so on a beach towel she ate!  She was also watching some cartoon!  I love how in tune she is here...TV really does reel a kid in...

There's more precious than a sleeping baby - but when that sleeping baby is cuddled in with your hubby = PERFECTION, PRECIOUS, LOVE LOVE LOVE!  My heart is exploding here!

I was trying to teach Callie how rainbows are formed.  It was the most perfect day too - sunshine, the perfect gray cloud full of rain - the rain came down yet there was still I took Callie outside, in the rain to look for it!  We immediately started running around having a great time :)

Trying to show her which clouds the rain was coming from :)

Take that Collin :)

Carter was trying some tummy time.  He is getting so close to rolling over.  Collin is so quick with the rolling over that I'm constantly flipping him back to his tummy!  It won't be long until he's rolling over all the way...

Melissa Retterath came to visit with 3/4 kids!  Alia & Kota are also twins, so it was nice to talk to her about life :)  The kids sure had fun playing with Callie!  

Just hanging out together!  Carter really liked Kota (Callie on the other hand...!)

The Girls outside!  Man they played hard :)

My friend Evelyn arranged a play date for us to meet at the park!  Callie loves her daughter Natalie -they have so much fun together!

Even Collin & Carter were able to enjoy the nice weather (darn ants...great weather)

Snacks taste better when you're in a tunnel with a girlfriend!

Smiles :)

Trying to get a picture of these two was near impossible!  They would hug each other so tightly that they would tip over and fall to the ground!  Haha - they are so cute!  When we first arrived, Callie and Natalie ran up to each other screaming each other's names!  It was so cute!  Then the girls were being chased by Natalie's big brother, Cooper around the play ground!  I have not heard so many little screams of joy, giggles and sillies from two little girls!  They had a great time :)

My former building Principal and friend, Jean has triplet grandchildren!  I know a lot of the McDermott family already, but when we announced twins, we had an immediate connection with her son Tony & his fiance Lindsay!  They have four beautiful children!  They were in town from CA back in July, so we were invited over to have a play date/talk about Multiples!  It was so nice to chat about the present, the what ifs, receive advice on so many different topics & areas!  And to see just how happy and beautiful Lindsay is!  She's given birth to a total of four children and is still stunning!  She still has her sanity and her and Tony are still going strong :)  I enjoy seeing this bond in couples!  Thank you both for the fun's crazy how many kids can be in one picture that is of only two families :-)

Of course there are always many more fun times to be had at the McRae's!  We have a very fun filled weekend coming up, so I will be sure to include a blog post about it!  Stay tuned!  Until then, enjoy your family, hug your kids and never - EVER turn away a kiss from your children (or your husband!!!)

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