Saturday, October 13, 2012

Bredlow Soccer!

Collin & Carter have really started spotting each other!  Most of the time it is while one of them is crying :)  The other will look over and start laughing - no joke!  I love this picture that I captured of the two of them!  Collin was jabbing away - talking, and then getting upset about probably being on the floor and not in someone's arms!  While Carter just looked at him all chill like - probably thinking - Dude, have you not learned yet about that big girl, Callie!?  She needs attention too!

This post is long over due :)  I took the kids to Owatonna to watch Trey play soccer!  Before the game, I decided to brave life...I took all 3 kids, BY MYSELF to Medford!  I managed to get in 3 stores and actually SHOPPED!  Thank goodness Carter's has a little lego table.  Callie sat there and played legos, the boys sat right next to her in their car seats and I shopped as fast as I could!  

We have been in the need for sleepers - the sleeper gowns that are fleece and warm are getting a little too small (dang - I loved those) - so we've been having the boys sleep in fleece PJ's - something we don't have enough of!

And growing - man are they growing fast!  I bought them in 6 months thinking I'd have a couple weeks before they'd be in them...NOPE!  They are wearing them!  I'll be putting them in 9 month clothing before I know it!  They do have some 3 month outfits they are wearing that still fit them, but not too many...we're mainly in 3-6 & 6 month clothing (why this is important?  Well, grandparents read our blog, and they like to buy clothes for our kids...they must know the correct sizes!).  Callie is strictly in 3T now (well, the pants are too big, but the 2T are too short at times...we just wear cute boots (shoe size 7 now) to hide the flood jeans :)

Okay, back to the purpose of this post: Trey's soccer game!  He played great, unfortunately, his team lost, but after all these years, it was nice to see him play a sport in person! 

After the game, Callie had fun tackling her cousins!  She is obsessed with these boys :)  Good thing she'll get to see them next weekend at Tyler & Trey's Birthday party!  

These two are two peas in a pod :)  She sure loves you Tyler (and I know the feeling is mutual!)

:)  Enjoy the video of Callie's tackle!

Trygg letting the boys know they are in on the fun too!  When babies are eating, there's no taking them out for a picture :)

Group shot!  

Being silly - Callie was still in the tackling stage!

Trygg & Callie running around!

Dang it - I uploaded the fuzzy picture...I have a more clear one - hopefully one day I can remember to upload it (I'm downstairs and the camera is upstairs...I'm lazy!)...

This sure turned out cute though!!!

Thanks for letting us know you were playing so close to Austin - it was a blast spending time with you guys :)

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