Thursday, October 18, 2012

Video fun!

I have a couple cute videos of Callie!  Her vocabulary is unbelievable!  People who listen to her talk are convinced she is much older than she is!  Honestly, I give credit to the Disney Junior show: Doc McStuffins!  If you haven't seen it (and you have small children), I highly recommend tuning in!  

We receive several check-ups a day, and any visitor does as well :)  In the show Doc has a stuffed snowman named Chilly and a stuffed hippo named Hallie.  Luckily we had a stuffed snowman and stuffed hippo in the house - Callie seems satisfied that they are the real characters :)


Casey (our Godson) turned four - yes, he is already four years old...makes me feel old!  Anyway, we were over at their house for his birthday party!  Callie & Ava were downstairs playing with Ava's sweet drum set and guitar :)  Ava is SO good with Callie and so patient!  I love that, even though our kids aren't the exact same age, they still play together!  Ava and Callie are like sisters :)

Here is their rendition of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"... Personally, I like it best!

Now I know we have amazing children!  Watching Callie interact with her brothers melts my heart and makes me feel like such a proud mommy!  Watching our boys develop their own personalities and watching them interact with not only each other, but watching their reaction when their big sister is around is absolutely priceless!

Callie wanted to read stories to her brothers before bed (she was really just avoiding going to bed, but this was so cute I couldn't help but agree to it!).  You can tell how Josh and I read to her...stop her, ask her clarifying questions, discuss the pictures, talk about the book, etc...  She is a little teacher to her brothers!  Enjoy this video - it might be one of my new all time favorites :)

Callie was just coming down with a cold, and you can hear it in her voice!  Also, it's right after bath so her hair is all over her face :)

"Giraffes, they go in woods.  Do you know why they goes in woods for?  They go in woods for giraffes things" - HAHAHAHA
"Evers, do you know what evers means?"
"That means a myssery (mystery)"

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