Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Collin & Carter: 5 Month Update

Well, my boys are officially 5 months old!  I can't believe it!  Everyone we run into that has twins always said to us that after the first three months, "Don't worry, it gets easier"...yeah, but they forgot about teething...It's like God's way of saying, "I don't want you to forget how brutal that first month was, so I'm going to have your boys the same time!!!"

Collin & Carter!  
"He did it" - Thank you Val Cipra for the adorable shirts!  Can you believe they already fit them!

Carter looks suspicious in this picture :)

This has been a very busy month for us.  Josh is on a modified teaching schedule, so he was at home with the kids for 3 entire weeks!  It was amazing for our children!  I'm not sure Josh would say the same thing...from what I gather, it was more work to be at home :)  The kids were all fed, happy and loved whenever I returned home.  I know Jessica (our daycare) said her house appreciated the break!  It is a win-win situation!

Collin :)

Carter :)

Five Month Update

Food - Both of the boys are drinking 5 ounces every feeding of strictly breast milk.  They each eat about 7-8 bottles a day - yes, that is about 35-40 ounces each!  I feel like that is a ridiculous about of milk, but they are hungry, growing boys!  That much milk means I need to start producing A LOT more...which I'm we are using about 2-3 bags of frozen milk per day.  We think they are hitting a huge growth spurt right now as well.  We tried giving them rice cereal in their bottles, but they didn't seem too interested.  So we pulled out their table chairs, strapped them in and SPOON FED them some rice cereal...they didn't really want that either!  They ate some of it, but they didn't seem too sure.  We're going to try again in a couple of weeks.

Collin & Carter together in their new chairs (thanks to the MOM sale in Rochester - 
scored both of these for a total of $30.00!!)

Collin is ready to eat :)

Carter isn't so sure about this, but willing to give it a try!

Yup, I think he likes it :)

After spitting it out a bunch, he still likes it :)

Sleep - They were doing such a great job sleeping - then those darn teeth started coming in :)  Collin has been waking up between 2-3 times PER night...and Carter has been waking up between 1-2 times.  Carter USED to sleep through the night...but because they are waking up in the middle of the night more frequently, they want to eat - which is why we've been going through so much more milk.  Before we would feed them before bed, Carter wouldn't eat until morning, and Collin would only wake up one time (some times he would sleep through the night as well)...  Josh and I would really like our sleep back!

Clothes - Both boys are in the same size still - which makes the world a happier place for me!  They are wearing size 3-6, but mostly 6 months now (the closer we got to the 5 month mark).  I know we will be in 6-9 months in no time at all.  Yes, I still dress them the same - they are cute and I LOVE doing it!  Yes I can tell them apart...sorry if you can't :)

Weight - Both boys are weighing at 14 lbs 12 ounces!  They are the SAME weight - crazy!

Height - 26'' long each (roughly)

Diapers - Both boys are wearing Size 2 Diapers, but I think we will be moving to Size 3 very's crazy how quickly they grow out of these bad boys!  I remember Callie wasn't in Size 3 diapers for SO long...and these guys are almost already there!

Health - They have been very healthy - just teething.  So they are more fussy at times, their hands are always in their mouths, they're always drooling, they sometimes get a rash around their mouth from their teeth, etc...  But they are so happy and healthy!

Whatever you do, don't tell Callie that Carter was wearing her stethoscope during her nap :)

Collin being silly with a rag on his head :)  He looks like Common Law Uncle Herold 
during the MN Twins game :)

Fun Facts - Collin has officially rolled over from his back to his tummy!  This is a hard skill to master, and he has officially done it!  Carter is so close that he will do this in no time :)  I bet within the next couple of weeks.   Both boys are teething, and it looks like Carter is VERY close to cutting his first tooth...WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN!!!??!??  Both boys are very close to eating rice cereal with their meals!  Both boys are beyond happy!  Collin is one that you look at him and he'll smile at you :)  He laughs and giggles all the time!  Carter still makes you work for a smile!  He always gives his mommy one though :)

Extremely proud mommy moment here:

Our boys are noticing each other and playing together more :)

The fun we had during their fifth month has been exciting and exhausting all at the same time :)  I am so glad our kids had this time with their daddy :)  We are so fortunate to have such wonderful jobs :)  As for Carter, I think he is going to be rolling very soon!!!!

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