Sunday, October 14, 2012

Dance Class and Family Fun Night

Last week, Callie REFUSED to go to dance class!  She didn't want anything to do with it!  After a lot of coaxing, I finally said, "Okay, you do not have to dance...BUT you have to tell your dance teacher!"  That did it!  I got her in the car :)  The whole way there she talked about not wanting to dance...
We finally go there and she literally marched right up to the director and told her, "I'm not dancing today"...
Finally I told her she had to go into the studio to tell her teacher...BUT she had to wear her dance shoes because she can't wear her street shoes in the studio...
Callie went in...

And never came out :)

This week, Josh emailed me that Callie was saying all afternoon that she didn't want to dance...I told him to have her watch her dance movie - well, thankfully that did it!  He told her the only way to get a new movie is to she said "I'll try, Daddy!"

We got her in the car, into dance, and then I realized...I forgot her dance shoes (not something a 2.5 year old needs to remember)...DANG IT!  But we talked to her about it, I told her I made a mistake and I forgot, and she was okay with it!  Of course it was the day that she was wearing her ridiculously dirty tennis shoes :)  But oh well...she had Doc hair :)

I love that in this video - she is a few steps ahead of the game...but that just means she actually is paying attention and remembers what is coming next :)  SO. DARN. CUTE.

After dance this last week, we headed over to the CLC (Community Learning Center) for this years first Family Fun Night!  It's a free event in Austin where they have lots of different activities for kids & their families :)  Here Callie & Daddy are waiting to listen to the teachers talk :)

The boys were still sleeping but don't worry, they soon woke up!

We were talking about emotions tonight!  Here Callie and I stamped pictures of different emotions.  We were talking about them and how they make you feel or what might make you feel that way!

Callie showed her daddy her work - you can tell he is showing her "confused"!!!  Or frustrated - I can't remember...but it's a cute picture :)

Carter woke up and did a great job sitting on the carpet listening to Miss Amy talking!!  Next year, Callie gets to go to preschool and possibly (hopefully) have Miss Amy as her teacher!  

Callie and daddy were experimenting with quiet toys and loud toys!
I also love how you can tell she came right from dance class! 

Callie building a "quiet" tall tower...

HAHAHAHA - The blocks all knocked over!  A quiet game built into a loud game :)  I love her face here!

Playing emotions bingo!  This was her first time playing bingo and she actually did a very good job!  It kept her attention for quite some time, but like any 2.5 year old...she lost interest!

Haha - Carter showing us his silly face :)  Daddy showing us his "thrilled" face (or the I'm hungry face!)

She was really concentrating on the teacher here...You can see that she was even following directions and only put her pieces on the emotions she had :)  By the end, her whole board was "of course" full...but for about 8 minutes she played along!

Carter was really concentrating here too!

Collin slept the whole "fun night" while Carter was awake and taking it all is the end results:

Collin = awake at bedtime!
Carter = past OUT at bedtime!

I am such a sucker for family events!  The next one is happening this week and weekend :)  I CAN'T WAIT!  I love taking my family out to fun, inexpensive (if not free) events!!!!

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