Saturday, October 6, 2012

Curious George meets the McRae's!

I was looking for something for our family to go do the other day, and I came across the Children's Museum in Rochester, MN!  I looked up the information to make sure it would be appropriate for Callie, and boy was it ever!  On Oct. 4th they opened their Curious George exhibit, and today was Oct. 6...meaning it had only been open for 2 days :)  WHOA WHO!

So on Saturday morning, Josh and I packed up our kids and headed over to Rochester to see the Curious George exhibit.  Callie was beyond thrilled and talked about George the whole way there :)

She was so excited to see this George statue (keep reading until the gets better!)...he's such a cute little monkey!

There were all sorts of fun exhibits for the kids to play with, all of them were age appropriate for Callie, which was awesome!  She's such a fun age to go do things with!

She was even playing nicely with the other kids!

Checking out the Curious George memorabilia they had on display!

 The boys were very well behaved!  (Thank you Collier Family for these new awesome blankets!  They are the perfect size to cover their car seats on these chilly days...that and we can avoid spit up for awhile!)

Callie and Daddy were making a windmill.  This was the only exhibit that Callie was "quick" to go through - and she was still there for a good 5 minutes!

They played grocery store, shopped for fruits and vegetables!  She looks so big playing so nicely!

McRae Family at the Children's Museum :)

Opening the elevator doors to see who is behind the door!  She did this at least 10 times.  Unfortunately, the image never changed...

But that didn't seem to bother her at all!

Carter wearing the "Bell Hopper's Hat"...he looks mighty cute if you ask me :)

Collin also looks cute wearing the "Bell Hopper Hat!"  He doesn't look very thrilled though...

Callie wanted her picture with the hat on - I love how she is rocking the backwards hat look :)

She sat and played with these blocks for seriously 30 minutes (if not more).  She kept building different towers, watching them all tumble to the ground and then would rebuild.  New kids came in and out and played with her, but they kept her interest for quite some time!

Carter & Collin got in on the action :)  We all just sat on the floor, right in the middle of the exhibit!

:)  Collin & Daddy! He was so relaxed on daddy that he was ready to fall asleep!

Mommy & Carter :)  He was having a BLAST playing with his big sister!

 Of course we HAD to take the boy's pictures with Curious George!  Collin is okay in this picture, but...

Then he realized what was happening and got SO mad ! I just love his face here that I couldn't resist!

Carter was okay having his photo taken!  A nice woman asked me if I wanted theirs together, but I said no.  I have to take some pictures where it is each boy on their own :)

Josh and I went back to Callie (she was seriously 10 feet away when we took the George pictures) and there she was, still playing with the blocks!  Collin decided to play with her :)  He's holding the yellow block that she gave him!  These boys sure do love their big sister!  They are always so happy and giggly whenever she is around them or talks to them :)

Callie went back to the Conveyor belt and continued putting blocks in, turning the dial, and then building a tower :)

I even got in on the action here...She really liked this place too!

She's waiting for the other kids to send more blocks up, so she can catch them!

Attempting to be crafty with this quote.  I didn't have enough space to back up, because this was the hallway, but I love how you can see Callie in the background playing while reading this quote!

Waiting patiently!

 From the conveyor belt, we headed into the discovery area where Callie was able to paint her own "Man in the Yellow Hat" hat...

 Her brothers were taking a nap!  I think all that building wore them out :)  Carter looks like he's ready to fist pump someone!

Poor red cheeks on Collin!  He looks so peaceful though :)

They also had face painting :)  Daddy painted Curious George on Callie's cheek!

Then we decided to let Callie paint her own cheek...

Which turned into her face :)

Oh yes, she's MY daughter!  I'm so proud of her artistic abilities!  She looks so cute and was SO proud of her work!  If you ever want your face painted, she's your girl :)

Face painted and hat complete!  She looks SO good :)

My girl and I...seriously, I love her so much :)

She played in the "Chicken & Pig farm" forever!  No joke, she was there for at least 45 minutes!  She was having so much fun!  All the animals ended up getting sick, so she sang her Doc McStuffins song, pretended to play with her doctor equipment and had a grand old time fixing up her animals :)

Callie in the "Pig Pen" with the pigs and chickens :)

And happened.  We had been having such a wonderful day, full of learning, imagination, exploration and laughs...but then...

Curious George made a visit!  Callie was SO EXCITED! She ran over to him, giggling and high pitched squeals!  She ran right up to him and gave him a hug!

This face is simply priceless!

She kept pointing and smiling saying, Mommy - Daddy...GEORGE!

Picture Perfect!

This just melts my heart!  She simply adores him :)

The boys even got in on the action :)  There were less than thrilled, but it made for a cute picture :)

 I love how Callie would smile at the camera, get overly joyed and smile up at George.  I can only imagine what she was thinking, "Curious George, you're here, I'm next to you, you're real!"

If you live near Rochester and you have small children, I highly recommend making a visit to the Children's Museum...great memories, awesome day!

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