Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween is near...Doc McStuffins & Stuffy X 2 are ready to celebrate!

This past weekend was a busy one, but a very fun one :)  We went up Saturday late morning/early afternoon (we travel around our kid's nap times so we don't have tantrums in the car!)  We had to stop by the Mall of America to buy my nephew's birthday presents (they have expensive taste and the stores are only in the MOA).  We had only a couple hours there before we headed to the Como Zoo for our 2nd annual trip to Como Boo!  Unloaded the kids to go into the mall was a nightmare.  The mall was so crowded that we had to park on the top level - seriously, the roof top.  Take an elevator down, cross into the mall, take an escalator down to the floor we needed (because heaven forbid they actually have the parking ramp go into each level without stairs)... YES we go a lot of looks on the escalator with our double stroller and Callie in hand!  Dude...I am way too impatient to wait for an elevator to people who are too damn lazy to take the escalator!

We took Callie into Nickelodeon Park to go on some rides.  She was such a trooper and totally excited!  Thankfully the pass is good until it is gone, so we can go back another day to use the rest of our ride points :)  Here are some pictures from Nickelodeon Park!

Callie had her picture with the giant Dora! She isn't a fan of Dora, but was excited to see this!

Callie and I waiting in line for the "mini" roller coaster!

She was so excited!

Callie went on the "Frog Hopper" ride next...

The little girl next to her convinced her to start with her hands up...that did not last long, nor did she like the ride at all!

Daddy took Callie on the Carousel - that is always a good time - she loves this ride :)
Notice Callie's Stethoscope - we did get stopped several times with people inquiring where we found it, because they can't find them anywhere!

We treated Callie to some ice cream for being so brave on the "Frog Hopper"!

After we started heading out (left the mall when we wanted to) and saw the "line" of cars waiting to exit the mall, we realized we were going to be a little late.  So we unloaded the stroller from kids, bags (both diaper, bottles and shopping) and had the kids all settled...we waited in the ramp with screaming children!  Oh joy!  After propping a couple bottles, we were on our way to Como Zoo (only a 20 minute drive...we can do this!)

We met Grandma Lynn at Como Zoo!  She came with us last year and this has become a tradition :)  We arrived 15 minutes later than we wanted to, but that was okay, because we were still there before their gates opened :)  Lynn was there waiting for us in line, so we quickly put the kids in their costumes and headed off to find Grandma :)

My kids :)  Halloween 2012

Doc McStuffins

Stuffy # 1 (Collin)

Stuffy # 2 (Carter)

Callie was beyond excited to be in her Halloween costume and loved having her brothers along side her as "Stuffy".  My personal highlights: 

* Seeing the joy in Callie's eyes as she walked with such pride dressed as her favorite, "Doc McStuffins"
* Having people say, "Hey, it's Doc McStuffins" - and actually recognizing her (as there isn't a costume out yet, this one we threw together on our own-okay I did!)
* Hearing Callie's giggles
* Watching the boys look around in amazement at everyone and everything!
* Spending time with my family and creating these wonderful memories with our kids!

Enjoy the pictures :)

Callie found Grandma in line :)

Grandma & Collin

Grandma & Carter

I think she really enjoyed this quality time with her favorite grand kids!

She told us we couldn't call her Callie, we had to call her "Doc" - she really plays the part :)
Posing with a froggie!

Then she had to pose with everything (don't worry, I won't post ALL of the pictures)...

Daddy maneuvering our "Bus" through the crowds!  This was the first time our boys were in this stroller without their car seats!  I think they liked it!

Callie receiving some treats!

Grandma sticking close to Doc

Tickling her brother, Carter!

This is sweet!

Walking through the crowds, waiting for the next "station"
There really are tons of people there, but they have it pretty organized and down to a science!  I highly recommend taking your children there if you can!

Collin was racked out!

Sweet sleeping Dragon!

My Doc!

Waiting for games - yes, they gave away a number game!  Incredible what they give you :)

More treats for Callie!

High fives!

Checking out some animals

I think she was getting a bag of fruit snacks here!

While walking, Callie shouts out "It's Lambie" - so we walked over, asked her mom if we could take a picture of the girls together!  Lambie is Doc McStuffins "Best Friend", so Callie was SO excited to see her!

Carter zonked out - such sweet dragons!

My favorite girl and I with the pumpkin :)

Callie wanted Doc to have her picture taken in front of the pumpkin!  Haha

Grandma pushing the boys!

Seriously - this thing is a beast, but she did well!

Ah Yes!  Captain Jack Sparrow and I :)  I couldn't resist...
He had me at "Hello Darling"

I love my family!

Grandma with her Favorite Grand Kids and her son, Josh :)

After Como Boo, we headed over to Pizza Hut to eat together!  Terrible Parenting moment of the day: This was really truly the first meal we all ate!  Callie had crackers for lunch, but I am justifying this as okay, because she had been sick...we weren't sure if we were going to come up or not, but she pulled through for us!

Haha - that night we headed back to my parents to crash there...also knowing that we could sleep in the morning and not hear the kids is a major bonus!  But Callie had a runny nose!  She ended up with this booger bubble and she let me take a picture :)  Haha!!

This was all Saturday - it was a fun filled day and our kids were AWESOME!  Josh and I are always so shocked at how well behaved they are and how they go along with everything...but then we have to remind ourselves that we are blessed with really good kids :)

Sunday was a very fun day as well - Tyler & Trey's Halloween Birthday Celebration!  This was a costume party, but you'll have to wait on that post until AFTER Josh and I wear our costumes to the Woodson Kindergarten Center Halloween Costume Contest on Halloween...don't want to give away our costumes :)


  1. I came across your blog when I Googled Doc Mcstuffins Stuffy costume. Hope you don't mind me commenting on your blog but those stuffy costumes are adorable. Did you make them or buy them? I'm trying to find one for my son to wear for Halloween since his sister will be dressed as Doc. Can you email me if your willing to let me know where you got the costume. Thanks in advance.

  2. I was Wondering the same thing. I can't seem to find anyone who has a decent stuffy costume for a 10 month old. Would even buy yours from last year. Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks Kelley

  3. It's a Dinky Dragon costume. You can get it on Amazon.


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