Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pinterest: Plastic Bags!

So I have this minor obsession with Pinterest!  It's on my computer, my iPhone and my iPad!  I'm on it whenever possible looking for new ideas and pinning new things!  I pump a lot during the day, so it's a great time to sit and "pin" ideas for the kids, house, meals, and crafting things!  It keeps me relaxed too!

I created a board called, "Pins I've accomplished" - and whenever I "accomplish" a "pin", I move it from it's current location to this new board!  It's like a "to-do list"...crossing things off one by one!

I also decided that I want to start blogging about some of the things I have accomplished!  Many of them are throughout my house: 

"Masterpiece" wall for my kid's art projects - which almost all of their art project ideas have come from Pinterest! 

The quote "Please excuse the mess, our children are making memories"

The clip on my night stand to hold my iPhone charger

Many, many meals, cookies, bars & treats!

The list goes on and on...

Today, while the kids were at daycare and we had the day off, I was deep cleaning our house!  I got to the side of my refrigerator and saw ALL of these plastic bags just sitting there looking like a mess!  So I opened up the pin that I pinned forever ago, and completed another one :)  Here we go!

This is the mess that I had to work with!

You will need an empty wipes container and a lot of plastic bags with handles.

I started by pulling the two handles together and flattening out the bags.

I shoved the first bag through the hole, but kept the two handles out... 

Next, take another bag, flattened out and put the "bottom" of the bag through the first set of handles.   Fold this over and shove it down into the container.

You will then have two "new" handles sticking out.  Repeat this process until your container is stuffed FULL of bags.  When you pull out the handles, the bag you looped through will come with it and you will have two new handles sticking out - it's simply AMAZING! 

I loved it so much I ran and grabbed two more empty diaper wipe containers!

The Huggies containers were my favorite to do this with, because the opening has these soft flaps that make it easier to shove the bags into.  The Pampers worked great too - it was just easier...

I now have one container in my kitchen, one in our car and one in the bathroom (for the trashcan in there!)  If you like this and are in need of a wipes container but don't have small enough children to actually NEED one, chances are I can help you out :)

But what would a Cori McRae blog post be without cute pictures of my children!

Callie had dance again tonight...I remembered her shoes this time :)  Here is her entire class.  A few girls were missing, but here they are! 

She's mid-dance move here :)

After dance class, we went to Applebees for supper!  Seriously, there aren't a lot of options in Austin!  I feel like we eat there often!  Anyway, Callie was coloring with the waitresses pen when we were packing up the boys - then tonight she pulls out this nice pink pen to write in her "big book of boo boo's"...Here is a picture of Callie with the first thing she ever stole!

Collin was all smiles and giggles in his exersaucer tonight!

He loved the sounds the animals were making!!!

Really focusing on the mirror and picture of the cow that were on the exersaucer!

Carter also had so much fun playing :)  I love his sweet little smile here :) 

 He looks like an old man here!

Checking out the tall toy on the exersaucer!  I love their sweet little faces :)

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