Thursday, October 18, 2012

Farmer John's Pumpkin Patch 2012

On Monday, October 15, we headed over to one of our favorite fall stops :)  Farmer John's Pumpkin Patch!  He and his wife "Farmer Jan" have an extremely kid friendly pumpkin patch!  They put so much work into their farm to assure a good time for all families who stop over!  

We have new family traditions here...Their pumpkin that has the date carved in every year, their "How Tall This Fall" sign, sliding down the slide in the silo, they haystack family photo op!, the farm kitties, picking our own pumpkins, Farmer John's Tee Pee!  Believe me, it's a fun place :)

Every year, we grab a wheel barrow and head into the patch...Callie is pulling this empty one...which was very easy for her!

Of course we have to walk through Farmer John's Tee Pee!  Callie really enjoys this...she said, "get down mommy, so you don't hurt your head!"  Thanks sweetie! 

Farmer John has a slide coming out of his silo, so you have to climb into the tunnel, up the ladder, and walk around the inside...which he has full of hay I believe!  It's not dark in their either, because the (cover?) top has the sunlight shining through to lighten it up.  Callie was nervous at first, but when she and I were inside together, she quickly realized it wasn't so bad!  Daddy even went down with her!

She is Queen of the World!  

My how times change!  McRae Family 2012...I LOVE my FAMILY! 

Here is Farmer John & Farmer Jan!  I asked to take their picture!  They are the sweetest couple who do so much for our community!  

We headed out into the "small pumpkin patch" in search of a pumpkin Callie could pick up! 

I love this picture of her deep in thought!  She then turned to me and said how beautiful it was! 

If you turn up your volume, you can hear her talk about how beautiful it is in the pumpkin patch! 

Callie has sure grown up!

Collin's first trip to Farmer John's!

Carter's first trip to Farmer John's!  I love that his tongue is hanging out - something Callie used to do :) 

Callie picked the cute white pumpkin!  She was helping Farmer John weigh the pumpkins...32 pounds exactly :) 

Nice little lesson here about weighing pumpkins and the scale!  He is so patient with children! 

Whenever a family has children born in the new year (2012 for example) they receive a free pumpkin!  Callie got to go out and pick out two pumpkins for her brothers! 

Here is Collin with his VERY FIRST PUMPKIN :)

Here is Carter with his VERY FIRST PUMPKIN :)

The trip out was a little bit more difficult as Little Miss was pulling a heavier wagon!  She made it about half way and then asked me to pull it to the car!

Here's a little flashback :)  Callie in the 2010 pumpkin 

Farmer John's 2011

And Farmer John's 2012 :)

While I was going through these pictures, reminiscing over the past few years and how truly blessed Josh and I was this time last year that we announced we were pregnant!  Josh and I had known for a month, but this is when we told our families :) 

Can you believe we didn't know it was twins yet....

And now look at us - a family of 5!  With a beautiful, intelligent, funny, caring, sweet, sassy little 2.5 year old daughter and two very handsome, hungry, teething 5 month old boys!  

Thank you Lord for everything you have given us!

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