Sunday, April 29, 2012

34 Weeks and not many to go :)

Wow - we are already to May!  I remember back in March when people would ask me how much longer we had to go and I would say (very dreadfully) "3 months..."  Now...when people ask me, I say 1 month or sooner :)

The most exciting news this week (besides our babies CONSTANTLY KICKING AND MOVING - I LOVE THIS FEELING) is that we DID order the Joovy Big Caboose Triple Sit & Stand Stroller.  Even though the measurements showed that it would not fit in our vehicle, we ordered it anyway!  I wanted to try it out and return it if it didn't work.  Well, it arrived on Saturday and guess what...JOSH, my AMAZING husband was able to get it to fit into our vehicle :)  YEAH!  I LOVE YOU SWEETIE!!  It even fits with the car seats!  Only MAJOR downfall is that the driver seats will have to be a little more far forward than planned...but ONLY when the stroller is in :)   WHOA WHO!

Our babies are about 4.75 pounds now - about the size of a cantaloupe!  They are measuring about 18 inches long and have extremely smooth skin right now!  Their lung development is really good (according to text) and if they were to be born right now, the chances of them having any significant health problems are very slim :)  So do you know what that means...


My back has been hit and miss.  My chiropractor started adjusting my neck, so that has been helping a lot as well!  I go two times a week to see her and am going to start getting weekly massages :)  I'm also due for a pedicure...hey, mommy needs her pampering as well ;)

I do have 10 days of work left!  I decided to start my maternity leave give myself some time!  My last day of work will be May 11th and I will be relaxing at home, by myself starting May 14th :)'s really coming fast :)

My Best Friend Alyssa came down this weekend as well!  She has been dipping her hands into photography and realized that she really enjoys it!  You have to remember that we don't have any backdrops and she doesn't have the fancy flashes, but I love the photos she captured anyway :)

Alyssa & I - man are we make up and I'm in my PJ's :)

 Kix diggs the nursery!  He likes walking around both cribs...Get that out of your system now won't be allowed to do that once there are little ones in there :)

 Josh came up with this great idea to take pictures with all of the diapers we have.  I always thought it was a lot...turns out - not that much...

 I saved a TON of money using coupons though :)

 585 Newborn diapers and 514 Size 1 diapers...

 I'm in a diaper craze...

 Pretty much describes it :)

 Man it looks like a torpedo coming out of my stomach...


Two things I am really going to miss about being pregnant...
1. Kicking of the babies 
2. My nice nails...they never look this good otherwise - I'm a biter...

 I've become SUPER self conscious of my overly stretched out stomach lately, so we did not do a lot of tummy shots.  We did get some, because that is the point of maternity photos!

 My baby girl giving kisses to her siblings :)  Always two kisses!

 This picture makes me smile in so many ways :)
If you remember from our pregnancy with Callie, we had maternity photos done!  This is the photo that we had taken...Maternity Session from Callie's Pregnancy...with the letters spelling LOVE...Personally, I like this one better!  Callie's crooked V adds a little something :)

 We tried some frame photos :)

 I got down with my bad self...

 And then Alyssa asked if I would let Callie finger paint on my tummy...UM...YES :)
She went STRAIGHT for my belly button ;)

 Got paint in her hair...

 And then went to town!

 She had a BLAST!

 LOVE it - thank you sweetie for covering up my stretch marks!


 Our family photo :)  

 Relaxing in the nursery :)

 There is something about this picture that I really like!  We're not sure if we are going to leave the trunk in the nursery or not, but for now this is where it's at.  Wow...two babies :)

 She wanted to join me :)

Family photo - it's like they're here of 5 :)

 My favorite man in the world :)  I love you Schmoopy - I wouldn't want to go through this cute, crazy chaos with anyone else but you :)

 One of my favorites :)  I LOVE YOU!!!!

And of course - some of the diapers in their place...ready to go :)

  I love you Alyssa, thank you for coming down!  I enjoyed spending the time with you the most - and eating overly buttered popcorn while watching movies :)

Who knows, the next post COULD be the arrival of our babies :)  Otherwise, you'll get a week 35 update next week :)


  1. Always fun to catch up with the happenings of the McRae's on your blog! Cori, you look great! And of course, so do you, Josh! Wishing you well as the day nears of the arrival of the twins! Callie will be a great 'Big Sista'!

    1. Thank you Marla :) We are getting SO excited ! It's getting closer :) :)

  2. You are beautiful inside and out Cori! The pictures are fantastic! You look absolutely great! So proud of you and your family! :-)

  3. Cori, I love your blog! Can't wait to see pics of your newest little ones :)


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