Sunday, April 8, 2012

Magic Jelly Bean Cake

Callie and I baked a cake on Thursday night before she went to bed!  She was such a good helper :)  What you need to do to make your OWN Magic Jelly Bean cake - is to simply pour your batter into two small cake pans (circular).

 My little thief!  She is SO her mother here :)

Yup - SO GOOD!  That was all she got, but man - she's right - it's SO GOOD!

After the cake has cooled (for us we did this Friday night), frost ONLY ONE of the cakes!  Callie did a great job - she only managed to sneak a little frosting :)

Then I gave Callie a little bowl of jelly beans...this she stole a lot she has her mother's sweet tooth!

She did such a good job putting the jelly beans all over the cake :)
I explained to her that these were MAGIC jelly beans and that hopefully, tonight while she was sleeping, they would GROW!

Just trying to be artistic :)

She was really concentrating really hard!  It's so fun to do stuff like this with her now too.  I was able to say, "Okay Callie, put a green one on the cake" and she'd reach in and pull out a green jelly bean!

While Callie was in bed, I put the other cake on top of her jelly beans and frosted them together!  Looks like one cake :)

In the morning, when Callie woke up, I asked her if she wanted to check on her jelly bean cake!  This is what she came out to :)

I think she is a little excited, don't you :)

She kept saying, "It's SUCKERS!"  She then proceeded to pull out each one, lick it, put it back and take a new one out!  Yeah - we didn't share this cake with anyone else :)

Happy Easter!  Make sure to try your Magic Jelly Bean Cake :)

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