Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Daddy Shorts & Ice Cream Cones

We have been having so much fun with Callie lately!  I mean, she's always been a fun girl, but her vocabulary is SO wonderful that we can carry on conversations with her constantly!  Every night at dinner, she says, "Talk to Callie" - so we sit and ask her every question imaginable!  Her favorite color is either pink, purple, or orange - depending on the day!  Her best friend is ALWAYS Jessica & Cookie Monster!  She likes puppies more than kitties :(  Her favorite food is pizza!  The moon is in the sky - not under the table, not in daddy's pocket, not in her bed, not in Cookie Monster's fish bowl (her pet fish) - but in the sky.  The sun is up in the day and the moon goes night night.  The sun goes night night at night time when the moon comes back out!

These are just a few of the conversations we have :)

One afternoon, Josh and I walked into her room after her nap because we heard her talking to herself - well, this is what she was doing...she was reading her book!  SO SWEET :)  She was actually talking to herself about the little girl being sad and hurt.  She later told us that Elmo was hurting her hair...well, the picture shows Elmo pulling the little girl's hair...

Easter is going to be so much fun this year!  We decided to stay home and have our own family of 3 Easter!  Callie is gearing up for the Easter bunny, so we've been busy making a lot of Easter crafts (hey, it is our spring break and all!).  Neither Josh nor myself eats hard boiled eggs, so I only had Callie color 6 eggs-just for the fun of it :)  We actually needed the colored shells for an art project later in the day :)

She was so excited about coloring her eggs! She picked which egg went in which color (which she does know all of these colors)!

 She even got to color on a couple eggs :)

The longer the egg sat in the bowl - the better the color would be!

Time to remove our eggs :)

They look GREAT!  You can see her scribbles on the pink and purple eggs!!!

Earlier in the day, while Josh was cleaning off the "electronic" shelves in our laundry room - he found our wedding slideshow dvd.  I quickly realized that we do not have as many pictures of just the two of us anymore.  I know this is to be expected with kids, but I still love him so much and want to have pictures of us - besides...without us, there'd be no kids ;)  ;)

I love you sweetie...even after a nice long day of working in the house!~  Can you say we are BOTH NESTING BIG TIME!

While we were waiting for our eggs to dry, Callie and daddy were playing some color matching games on the iPad - boy does Callie love the iPad :)

After we ate dinner - Callie wanted an ice cream cone!  Part of the conversation during dinner was what she wanted ...she said, "Daddy shorts and ice cream cones"!  Great combination - at least she knows what she wants :)  So yes, we shop in the boy department to buy her "daddy shorts" - which are indeed...basketball shorts!

Time for our craft!  Thanks to Pinterest, we have a very fun one in store for us!  Callie cracked each of the hard boiled eggs and I removed the shell.  The smell was so strong that Daddy had to leave the house and run some errands...

After ALL of the shells were removed, Callie crushed them into little tiny pieces!

Next, I used Elmer's Glue and drew a picture - this particular one below is a bunny.  Callie simply sprinkled the bunny with the colored egg shell pieces.  I shook it off and made sure all of the glue was covered.

I forgot to take a final picture - but it's really cute!  I actually pre-measured this one and it is in a frame :)  There is nothing better than Callie art for our Easter decorations :)

I'm realizing this blog is pretty random - but some of these pictures were just too cute not to post!  This is after church on Palm Sunday- I just thought she looked so pretty here!  I love how she puts her sunglasses on her head too :)

Since it is our spring break, we don't have to be inside by anytime for bedtime!   So we stayed out on Sunday evening and had a bonfire :)  It was so much fun!  We roasted marshmallows and daddy cooked himself some hot dogs :)  YUMMY!

While we were sitting and enjoying the fire - daddy decided to start cooking his hot dog!  Callie noticed his bun and decided to sneak up and steal it!  It was so funny how sneaky she was trying to be :)

One of Callie's new things is to say, "I love you SOOOO much" - it seriously is the sweetest thing you'll ever hear!  And she says it at the right moment to make your heart just melt!  We captured it on video to always remember!

Our first kite flying experience was with our good friends the Crews Family :)   Jet is in the black & Alexis is in the pink pants :)  Their dad handed the kite to Callie at one point - for some reason he let go...and then so did Callie!  That kite took off so fast - it was awesome watching everyone run after it :)  They ran about 160-200 yards until they got it :)  Hahaha...I was laughing so hard that I almost...well, you can figure out what I almost did...I'm pregnant with twins for crying out loud!

This picture is absolute PERFECTION!  Callie and Lexi are good buds!  They are really like sisters!  I absolutely LOVE this picture :)

31 weeks pregnant with twins and I'm still a fun mom!  Yup - we rode our bikes from our house to the DQ!  And I made it :)

Callie had a couple bites of her dilly bar and quickly realized that she likes my Cherry Mister Misty Freeze MUCH better...bummer - because I HATE sharing my Cherry Mister Misty Freeze.  But for you my dear - I will share!  Next time though, you're getting you own :)

So I have had MASSIVE pregnancy brain - and last week was a perfect example of that!  We signed Callie up for dance class and last Tuesday I 100% completely forgot!  I remembered on Wednesday - oops!  So this week, I had reminders all over the place - okay so only on my phone, but that is always near!

We didn't know what to expect, because I'm not a dancer, and I've never been to a studio or in a class, so I had no clue!  Thankfully, our friend Lisa borrowed us her daughter Ava's leotard/tutu awhile back.  I didn't think that putting tights underneath with dance shoes would be the in thing - so we had socks and tennis shoes :)  I guess we have our own style!

Callie sat on the "blue line" for a little bit - she was very attached to her daddy today, so she wanted to be by his side at all times!  That and they had this platform with a mirror that she enjoyed looking in!  It was hard to get her to come back to the group...

For awhile I was thinking - oh boy, dance is not for her!

After bribing her with a treat (the instructors handed out at the end), she came through and participated in some of the dances!  This age group is 24-36 months and Callie JUST turned two, so I'm thinking she was quite possibly one of the youngest ones there!  She's tall for her age so she looks older.  And these other little toddler dancers were all there last week!

There is a dance show on April 19th that is optional if we want to have her try it.  For the amount it costs to have her in these few classes - heck yes I want to give it a try!  Here is a sample video of the dance!  Sorry it's angled the wrong way - I always forget that we can't turn our videos...my bad :)

We're going to try one more week and see how it goes!  I told Josh that he can't come with this time...it has to be just Callie and I - hopefully that'll help keep her concentrated :)

This video shows how dance REALLY went down - the constant running over to daddy!  The big girl in the background is the sister of another toddler.  I only know this because she's at Woodson this year :)

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