Sunday, April 22, 2012

33 Weeks Pregnant-HOLY S**T IT'S HAPPENING...

Josh and I had another Doctors appointment on Friday :)  It went great - I'm gaining weight - as to be expected!  I think I may just hit the 200 mark before these babies come...or pretty darn close to it.  But then, when I am in that crazy situation where you have to tell 2 truths and a lie about yourself (usually an ice breaker activity) I can say..."I used to weigh almost 200 pounds...and look at me now!"  They don't have to know it was when I was pregnant with twins :)

Thankfully it is all in my stomach (at least that is what people tell me...maybe they're just being nice??)  Which means hopefully I can keep my old wardrobe!  I know I complain about it to Josh and I always wish I had new clothes...but I swear, I will keep them...

Baby A is still head down and had a heart beat of 136 BPM.  Baby B is possibly Breech again (the trouble maker) but the Dr. wasn't 100% sure.  His/her heart rate was 148 BPM.  I did talk to my Dr. about delivery and the options and what not...and he had to mention that the anesthesiologist will also be in the operating room with us (even if we deliver - that's where we are)...I asked why, thinking I'd already have an epidural so why would they have to be in there!?  He said, "Just in case we have to do an emergency c-section and have to put you under...."

Excuse me...WHAT!?

Do they not realize that when you knock me out I DON'T WAKE UP LIKE THE AVERAGE HUMAN BEING!?  Do they not realize that it takes me MUCH LONGER!?  Do they not realize that our babies will be 8 hours old by the time I would probably wake up!?

Nope, not happening!  I gave Josh immediate directions that NOBODY is to hold our babies (besides him of course & the nurses) until I do...sorry family - but I carried these little ones and have suffered a lot of pain!  I'm telling myself both babies are going to be head down still and I will deliver!  I'm going to keep this mentality and hope for the best!  Otherwise - family (yes grandparents too) you'll just have to be patient!

Do you see the stretch marks!

Both babies have been SUPER active this week too ;)  Some of their kicks are so hard that it seriously looks like something is going to BURST through my skin :)  You can see it through my clothes :)  It's awesome...If Baby B did flip, I think I know the exact moment he/she did, because that was a sharp move...

Josh and I (okay so mostly me, but I keep talking to him about it) have been researching strollers this past week.  The debate is now a double or triple.  I forever thought double until I started imagining all 5 of us out and about!  I realized that I would prefer to have all 3 kids in one place!  This is the stroller I have fallen in LOVE with!  It's the Joovy Big Caboose!  It's a triple stroller that has a sit and stand on the back!  Picture the two seats holding two infant car seats (that DO fit our Chicco seats) and then Callie either sitting or standing in the way back :)
Joovy Big Caboose Stand-On Tandem Triple Stroller - Appletree - JOOVY  - Babies"R"Us

I have read TONS of reviews, and this stroller seems like a dream!  Yes it is heavier and longer and harder to move around - BUT - it is a TRIPLE...It would give Callie the freedom she wants right now, but a place to rest as well.  Let's face it, she's still a two year old!

The downfall :(  :(

This darn car is too small for it :(  The Joovy is too long for our car - at least according to the measurements.  I'm going to hopefully get Babies R Us to have one in stock so we can put it in our's hoping :)


Both of our babies have Godparents :)  We asked two of our very dear friends who mean so much to us to be the Godparents of our babies :)

Jason & Lisa Denzer agreed to be the Godparents to Baby A and Blake & Brittany Pawlikowski have agreed to be the Godparents to Baby B :)  Our children are so blessed!

Jason & Lisa Denzer with their two AMAZING kids, Ava & Casey!  Along with them is their "adopted" 3rd child, Callie (she ADORES them) and of course...Kix :)

Blake & Britt Pawlikowski with their handsome and very smart son, William!

Josh and I could not be happier :)  Thank you all so much for taking on these little rug rats :)  I hope you realize that means you will take them for an entire weekend whenever we want right!?  Haha - okay, I'm only kidding...We love you guys so much :)

Between Callie and these two babies, we have some pretty spectacular Godparents for our children :)

Callie's Godparents: Auntie Heidi & Uncle Bruce!

Callie's Godparents: Auntie Kayla & Uncle Mike

(It's not that we love Callie more so she gets 4 Godparents...but with Twins it was an even split...)

I also went to another MOM meeting this week (Mother's of Multiples)...and let me tell you - what a dynamic group of women!  There is a reason that there are groups for MOM's!  They made a lot of things very clear and that the same time, it kind of makes you feel like you are on this remote island with your family...

Here is some advice they gave me:
1. When out shopping with your family, don't make eye contact.  People are attracted to multiples and if you make eye contact you won't get out of the store in the time you were hoping...
2. You won't sleep.
3. Your traveling will decrease.  Not because you can't do it, but because it is MORE work to pack for everyone than anything.
4. People will try to tell you that they understand...especially those that have two children super close in age...but they don't and they never will.  Because they may have two kids just 16-18 months apart, but their kids ARE NOT the same age!  
5. Anything can be done with a toddler and one infant (especially infant car carrier)...but throw one more infant and car carrier into the mix and it changes everything...
6. You won't sleep.
7. You are outnumbered (which we knew, but when you hear the stories about the families who's multiples are now teenagers - that sucks!)
8. Your famous when you are in public - EVERYONE wants to stop you...Note to self - look in the mirror before leaving the house!
9. Your twins have built in best friends - it's amazing to hear the stories of just HOW close they are...
10. Don't EVER EVER EVER compare them to one another...they may share a birthday, but they are two different people...  This one is HUGE

I'm sure I will come up with more things!  Here are some things I have been experiencing: 
1. Yes, strangers really do want to touch your's annoying and I want to punch them in the face.
2. Yes, I'm carrying twins - and YES you know that DO NOT tell me HOW HUGE I LOOK...I'm very aware of it.  What do you expect, there are two human beings growing inside of me...I hope that my body gets big enough to make room for them...
3. Don't tell me I look tired...Have you ever carried two babies in your stomach?  And raised a toddler (if you have or if you've carried have all the right in the WORLD to say this to me!)
4. Yes I will get upset or angry more easily.  I have double the amount of hormones that are constantly throwing me off.  This is VERY common in pregnancy ... DEAL WITH IT.
5. Yes, I will cry when I hear a happy story or a sappy # 4.
6. I'm going to complain about my back hurting.  Considering my chiropractor is getting frustrated with HERSELF because she can't fix me (obviously due to the lack of space for the growing humans inside of me), and for the fact that she asks me EVERY TIME when my Dr. will take them...I'm pretty sure it is as bad as it feels...Just know that it is ALWAYS at a pain rate of 8/9 out of 10 (10 being the worst pain)...I just learn to deal with it.  When it's at a 13 I will start complaining....

Here are some awesome things:
1. My husband is SO SUPPORTIVE!  Everyday after work, I lay on the couch, ice my back and typically fall asleep around 5:00 for about a half hour (maybe longer).
2. My husband has been making supper more because I just can't get up to do it.
3. My daughter tells me almost everyday after school that she wants to snuggle me on the couch and watch cartoons...LOVE LOVE LOVE this!
4. I love when Josh can experience our babies kicking!  I love his reaction, "Wow, that one was big!"
5. I love when Callie kisses my tummy-not once but TWICE!  Because there are two babies :)
6. I love watching Callie lift up her shirt and say "Babies" haha because she thinks they are in her tummy too :)
7. I love when you ask Callie how many babies are in mommies tummy she says, "TWO"!!!!
8. I love how hard Josh has been working to finish the nursery - not for him, but because he knows how much it means to me...thank you sweetie! 
9. I love that Josh and I have narrowed down some names for our babies :)  I love that we are able to have this conversation together and respect each other's "names we like"
10. I absolutely, 100%, whole-heartily LOVE my family of 5!!!!

Over this past weekend, okay and now...I've really had a lot of moments of "Holy Shit, this is happening...and it's coming FAST".  I know we still have a month left, but then I started thinking of everything that comes with TWINS...

How are we possibly going to do this financially?? 
How are we possibly going to work full time, take care of our children at home, cook meals AND keep our house in functioning conditions?
What will our friendships look like?  
How on EARTH is two babies going to come out of me?
How am I going to give Callie the attention she needs/deserves still?
How am I going to stay up on our groceries this summer - especially with all the extra help we are going to have?
How are we ever going to have enough diapers?  Wipes?
How is my garden going to get planted?  :(
Again - how are we going to do this financially?

I think my freak outs started happening after my MOM meeting on Wednesday (talking about the remote island we are about to land on) and our Dr. appointment on Friday (talking about possibly being put under...)....

I need ice cream...


  1. Cori, you are an amazing woman with a wonderful husband to support you through this. If anyone can do this, you can! I know it won't always be easy, but I know you will love it every step of the way, especially when you look at your children's beautiful faces. You have one lucky family. I am so happy for all of you! Keep on truckin... :)

    1. :) Thanks Andrea! I sure hope you come visit...please know that you will be 100% welcome at anytime :) When you aren't busy planning for your WONDERFUL WEDDING!!!!

  2. The lists crack me up! The advice from the MOM's group is 100% true. Going out in public is a pain because EVERYONE wants to talk to you. I have 3 kids, a stroller and no time to talk to random people.

    1. I already look forward to my first blog post about our first outing :)

  3. I have a 23 month old daughter and 3 mo old b/g twins. What we have found...

    - cooking? I don't. Friends helped, and now I get prepared dinners. Worth every penny. We use paper plates/utensils to save more time.
    - diapers: invested in AIO Bum Genius. Fits all 3 now and saves us money over time. Also use cloth wipes with warm water.
    - life outside of caring for 3? There isn't. That's ok, it's temporary.
    - I went into labor at 36 weeks. They were born naturally & it was easier than with my first. No NICU.
    - hire cleaners
    - take all of the help you can. Grandma moved in for 10 weeks.
    - Callie will not like the crying. Talk her through it. She will adjust, but will probably be pretty frustrated the first week.
    - we bought the ABC buggy & chicco double. Worth every penny.

    have fun & laugh through it! us with lots of little kids close in age will be sleeping well before those that spread their kids out over the years! :)


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