Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter :)

How do I even begin to describe how perfect today was :)  Josh and I decided to stay home for Easter! We thought about having family down, but then decided to just enjoy the day without having to entertain :)  Looking back on that decision, I'm so glad we went this route!  It was PERFECT!

Callie was the first to rise at about 7:45 AM.  We decided to have her hunt for her Easter eggs AFTER church.  So we enjoyed a relaxing Easter breakfast together...

Bunny Butt Pancakes :)

Callie was really excited to see a bunny on her plate!  She didn't eat too much - we eventually got her to eat one of the ears so that was good!  She's just not a big breakfast eater...

Next we headed to church!  Either the pregnancy hormones got to me, or I'm just that emotional, but during the opening hyme, I started to tear up!  "Jesus Chris has RISEN today...Alleluia" - something about this song and the day and knowing why we celebrate Easter just got to me :)  Our church had an excellent Easter service too ;)  Callie was exceptionally good today!  She only had one tiny bag of fruit snacks (and not the typical small bag-even smaller) and like 10 licks of a sucker...that's it :)  And she sat quietly the whole time!

Family Photo - Happy Easter!

When we got home, it was time to look for eggs!  That silly Easter bunny had Callie looking all over the house on a scavenger hunt for her basket :)

Would you look at that - Daddy had to look for a basket too :) :)

Callie knew right where to look for her first clue...her potty!

Some of her clues were downstairs - she knew right where to go :)

Look at that - another egg!

My two Easter hunters searching for their eggs and clues :)

Callie knew where her egg was, but she was trying to tell daddy that it as in the container that we keep her suckers in...he kept pointing to the wrong thing.  Oh man was she getting mad!  She was saying, "NO, THAT ONE" - haha - meaning her yellow giraffe container!

Eventually her clues led her to her Easter basket - she was so excited to find it :)

Daddy eventually found his too :)  He thought it would be out in the open - come on daddy - look harder!  Next year I'm going to make it VERY hard for you...get ready!

Callie's basket was full of books, bubbles and Elmo stuff!  Daddy's basket was full of his favorite summer time beer, his favorite candies and some chocolates to share with mommy :)

What a good Easter Bunny :)

What's this - Callie had another note from the was a clue leading her into her backyard for a PRESENT!?!

WOW - The Easter Bunny brought Callie a brand new sand box :)  Boy was she excited!

The sand is so nice too!

Time to pull out all of our sand toys that we have :)

Callie and Daddy had fun blowing bubbles!

Watching the bubbles that daddy was blowing...

And then chasing them :)

Daddy was reading Callie one of her new books - I seriously love how she curls up on our laps for stories :)  Such a sweet girl!

The rest of our day consisted of naps, playing outside, going for a walk and having a non-traditional Easter dinner...

Marinated Steaks, Twice Baked Potatoes and a Cesar Salad...OUR FAVORITE :)

Today was a PERFECT Easter!  I love my family so much :)   It would have been nice to see our families, but sharing today with each other and making these memories will forever be apart of us :)



  1. I LOVE reading your posts!! Happy, blessed Easter:))

  2. You are funny - she didn't eat an ear it was a foot. That was a bunny butt you made! You needed to turn it around. The whip cream was the bunny tail!



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