Sunday, April 8, 2012

"Bounce with Ella on Saturday"

These are the exact words that were coming from Callie's mouth all week :)  We told her that we were going to go to the House of Bounce with Ella on Saturday - and she reminded us everyday until we finally went :)

These two girls had so much fun playing!  They were both very excited to see each other :)  Typical toddlers though - they talk about each other the whole time leading up to their play date, they are so excited to see each other, and then spend a lot of time playing apart :)  They did spend a lot of time together as well :)

Here the daddy's helped their girls up...the mommies are both pregnant and not allowed to play :(  But we had fun walking around and chatting it up :)

Callie loves this place!

These next few pictures are awesome!  You have to be a certain height to go on, but they went anyway!  I love how their dads sent them down at the same time :)  


Poor daddy was wearing shorts and ended up getting some pretty bad burns on his butt :)  He quickly put his pants back on :)  Callie had so much fun playing with daddy!

Going down the big slide on her tummy :)

Come on Ella - we don't need our dads - we can do this together!

Josh took this picture - notice the no pregnancy...

Hey - I was just sitting and watching her climb and go down the slide :)

Yeah - mommy was at the bottom :)

Well, this little one wasn't going to hurt - there was a basketball hoop inside :)

Teaching Callie how to shoot...

This is a lot more work than you'd think.  Having an almost 30 lb. belly to haul around in a jump house is a lot harder than it looks!

Callie pretending to be asleep...

So Ella would tickle her and wake her up :)

These two are so cute together :)

Time to tag team this one :)

They would hold hands until they'd go down :)  So sweet!  I love this young friendship :)

Then Ella would go first - and Callie would go soon after - crashing RIGHT into Ella EVERY time...and neither of them got hurt nor cried :)

Playing some basketball games together...

Thanks Langemo's - we had so much fun with you on Saturday :)  Callie & Ella were so well behaved - I can't wait for our next play date :)

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