Sunday, April 8, 2012

Starting 31 weeks preggo & we are READY for D-Day!!!

So I have the WORST pregnancy brain in the world!  I for the life of me can't figure out how far along we are :)  During my ultra sound I was sure we were in our 31st week, but then when I looked at the calendar and tried to count it out - I realized...Nope - Cori, you're wrong!  We are in our 30th week :)  Saturday marks the beginning of the next week...

So - Saturday, April 7 will be the beginning of week 31!  9 weeks until our official due date; however, they will induce me at 39 weeks meaning we have 8 weeks to go :)

I have been feeling awesome - and I have so many fun baby stats to share :)  I'm not even going to refer to the books on this one, because I have estimates from our Ultra Sound!  Yes - Ultra Sound - that means....MORE PICTURES :)

Josh had a chance to go golfing with some of his buddies on our day off (spring break) and I talked him into going :)  I told him that these days will be extremely far and few between this summer, so go now :)  I have been feeling the babies move around like crazy, so I wasn't worried!

I invited a few people to come with, but nobody could make it (our moms were busy, dad had to work, sister couldn't because my nephew was having surgery, and my bf couldn't because she had to work...) so I went alone...which was totally okay!  I knew everything was fine :)

Here are some baby statistics!  Note - I am going to label TWO heart rates.  On Thursday we had an ultra sound - that will be the first heart rate.  On Friday we had a doctor appointment, so that will be the 2nd heart rate.

Baby A Stats: 
Measuring approximately 3 pounds 10 ounces
137 BPM and then 136 BPM
Doing awesome and is HEAD DOWN!  Baby A is all set for delivery!  He/she is sitting VERY low - which explains why I have to go to the bathroom ALL the time :)

I love this profile shot of Baby A!  They were so big now that it was actually hard to get good pictures...

We weren't sure whose ear this was, but look how perfect it is :)

This picture is also very hard to see...
Baby B is poking his/her head through pretty much everything that is inside of me :)  Can you find him/her?!?!

I'll help you out!  You can see the nose and lips - and a little bit of the eyes!  Click on the picture to enlarge it if it helps :)

Baby B Stats:

Measuring approximately 3 pounds 15 ounces (actually measuring 4 days earlier than Baby A)
134 BPM and then 144 BPM - this baby is really throwing me for a loop!
Doing awesome and is HEAD DOWN!  Baby B is ALSO all set for delivery!  This is fantastic news, because both babies are growing - there isn't a lot of room left in there for them to move around; THEREFORE - they will probably BOTH remain head down until delivery :)  YEAH!  Hopefully this is one step closer to NO C-SECTION :) :)

Another great profile shot :)  So beautiful!

Here is both of their heads together.  It's funny to see how this one shot can only get their two heads...yet at

Here is a comparison picture on their growth :)

This is both babies at 10 weeks old!  So tiny...
And here is both babies at 18 weeks!  Man they have grown up so much!  You can see BOTH of their bodies completely, and now you can only get the tops of their heads together!

There they are: big,  growing, and healthy babies :)  But the really exciting news:
THEY ARE BOTH HEAD DOWN!!!  WHOA WHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man that is going straight out there :)

Notice I am in the nursery - well, here's the deal!  We picked up the other crib on Saturday and were so excited to discover there wasn't any damage to it this time :)  Josh opened the box in the garage and brought in!  Once he had the crib next to the other - we quickly realized that within 2 years of the exact same crib, the company has changed their color choice in "cherry"...Callie's crib was bought cherry and so was this'll notice that they indeed are NOT the same color :(

I was a little upset, but Josh brought up a good point - our babies are not identical, so their crib color does not need to be :)  You are so right!

Also, after looking at the placement of these two cribs, I decided that there just wasn't enough room to have  the night stand AND the glider between them...dilemma ...

Then Josh said - what if we moved the crib against "this" wall and moved the dresser over there???

Sure, lets try it!  Probably shouldn't have done that though...I fell in LOVE with it :)  The crib fit perfectly there!  Now why on EARTH didn't we think of this before?

Josh took one look at my pouty lip and said, "NO WAY, I'M NOT DRAWING ANOTHER GOPHER!"

With a little encouragement, Josh was all ready and set to start painting on a NEW Gopher!  I'll let you figure out just what that encouragement is :) :) :)  Hey, it takes him a REALLY long time to paint this, so it HAD to be good!  You can see his excitement!

So here is the dresser in its new location.  The glider is actually not right next to it, but you get the idea! Now what about that other gopher there?  Well, we're going to paint over it!  We don't need 3 :)  We'll decorate these walls with pictures :)

So there you have it - the nursery furniture is all together and we're almost set and ready for two babies :)  Many people think we know the genders because we chose a Gopher themed room!  I want to assure you, we have absolutely NO clue what we are having.  If we have two girls, it's a gopher room.  If we have two boys, it's a gopher room.  If we have one of each, it's a gopher room!  We don't care what we have - just as long as they are healthy :) :)

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