Wednesday, February 24, 2010

37 weeks down...3 to go :)

Josh and I have hit Week 37 without any problems :)

So far I have not had any morning sickness, I haven't swelled up (my fingers are a smidgen bigger and it hurts taking my wedding ring off, so I stopped wearing it). My feet haven't swelled, my back only hurt for a while, but that was due to a cute little foot being lodged in my ribcage, no acne, no major mood swings...

All around, this has been a very easy pregnancy :)

This week brings so many exciting things:

1. I started feeling Braxton Hicks very frequently. Many would say that isn't something to be excited about, but it actually only means that McBaby is that much closer to making his/her grand entrance!

2. I gained ZERO pounds this week :) WHOA WHO!!! I'll tell you in the end what my final weight gain is! I'll just say this - it's more than my sister Heidi gained!

3. McBaby is FULL TERM! That means that if we went into labor TONIGHT, McBaby would have no problems surviving! According to the books, McBaby is just hanging out in there practicing his/her breathing, blinking and even crying! I felt hiccups for the first time too - that was so fun :)

4. Josh and I are all set for the arrival of McBaby! We have the room put together and the essential items we need to get by the first couple weeks. Because we aren't finding out the gender, we still have two big showers AFTER McBaby is born...can't wait to share the fun in those :)
This weeks advice from my weekly email was this:

what you're thinking
"I can't eat, I can't sleep, but I can do a great imitation of a beached whale. Seriously, are we almost done with this?"

HAHA - That makes me laugh so much...It's so not true at all :) I'm still loving this! I've learned to eat a bowl of cereal before bed and I am good to go the rest of the night :)
Speaking of night - I'm 37 weeks pregnant and STILL sleeping through the night! Poor Josh is lacking in the sleep department though! He's being such a great sport. These past few weeks I've started snoring (the Dr. explained that it's some thinning and totally normal to start doing during pregnancy), and I guess I was really sawing some logs last night...Poor guy got up to sleep in the guest room...he didn't want to wake me in case I wouldn't be able to fall back asleep. What a great husband!

Other news this week:

That's right, Josh's little sister is going to get married :) YEAH! We are so excited for the both of them! They are such a perfect match for each other! McBaby can't wait to meet Aunt Kayla and Uncle Mike :) YEAH :)

I forgot to post the pictures from Valentine's Day as well...kind of dropped the ball on that one! Josh bought these SWEET shirts for us :) We both wore them to school on February 12th! When we were apart, the hearts on our shirt weren't all lit. Only 2.5 was lit. But when we were together-ALL of them would light up! Our students LOVED was a pretty big hit!

Then my Valentine took me to a romantic dinner at the Old Mill in Austin! The food was good, scenery was AMAZING and we were all dressed up for the occasion :) I love you Josh - you are so good to me!

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