Tuesday, March 2, 2010

38 Weeks down...2 Weeks to go :)

Well, give or take...but we may have only 14 days left :) It's hard to believe that we started out with 9 months and now we have 2 weeks left to go!
I have still been feeling really good; however, I will be honest...we had 9 hours of parent-teacher conferences last night. Not a big deal, I love them...but 9 hours for a 9 1/2 month pregnant woman was a bit too much! I got into bed last night, and poor Josh! I was whining that I was too tired, too uncomfortable, too sore...I think he was jumping for joy when I finally fell asleep! This morning my entire body was just sore...

I'm going in for a massage tonight, so that will help A LOT!

Besides the long day of conferences, I am still feeling GREAT and still sleeping through the night! I don't have any back pains, but I stand on the heels of my feet, so my heels get pretty tired by the end of the day! No swelling either...well, just in my face :( I feel so fat when I look in the mirror.

Our Dr.'s appointments are going really well. We are measuring right where we need to be! McBaby is sitting head down and ready to go! When looking at the pictures, I have definitely dropped! The heart beat is still strong and my stomach is continuing to burst out! I haven't gained any weight these past 3 weeks...which is kind of exciting for me! Considering it was sad seeing the #'s on the scale continue to go up!

No matter what anyone tells a pregnant lady...YES, I know I'm supposed to gain weight, and I know it's healthy...but seeing a number I never thought I would see...it tugs at your emotions a little bit!
This past weekend I started sewing :) I bought my own sewing machine and started making mommy made boppy pillow slip covers and mommy made receiving blankets :)
Here is one of the boppy pillow slip covers I made, and some pictures of Kix all swaddled up in a mommy made receiving blanket :)

Josh and I have everything ready to go :) He's packing his "Daddy Overnight" bag tonight...Wow...it's coming SO FAST!

Can't wait to meet you little one!
Mommy XOXO

McBaby could arrive any day now...stay tuned :)

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  1. you have definitely dropped! good luck, Cori! thinking of you and josh


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