Tuesday, March 9, 2010

39 Weeks Down, 1 Week To Go :)

We have officially 1 week to go :) That's 7 days people! I remember when we first started blogging about our pregnancy...and here we are, 7 days (more or less) away from being parents :)

So much has been going on this week, so bare with me and this long blog.

On Friday, Josh has his regular season basketball game, and it was in Rochester. My mom was pretty mad at me for driving there by myself...but I felt really good and had a gut feeling I'd be okay driving! I made it there safely (got lost, but my dad helped me out via a phone call-thanks Dad!). When I arrived Josh's game was almost over, but I got to see his prime coaching in action.

At one point the Roch. coach called a time out, but the ball was in the air - so of course, any good coach (like Josh) would freak out...which he did (can't call a time out when nobody has possession of the ball). I was really pulling for him to get a technical, because he never has and I would love to see one :) But the game was too close, so again, he used his good coaching skills and chose NOT to put his team down!

My friend, Brittney, took a picture with me that night and posted on facebook, so I just had to post it on our blog! This is a shirt that one of the high school students made for me! He is the boys basketball manager...I love it :)

Our school has some "polls" going on about what our baby is going to be (Male=M, Female=F), the due date, and the weight! I took pictures of it, because I thought it was so neat! We were going to have money involved, but figured it was against policy, so instead...Josh and I will buy a treat for the winner :)

On Monday afternoon, Josh and I headed into our Dr.'s appointment! I'm FINALLY starting to retain water...my fingers are officially swelling :( And occasionally my feet (not my whole foot, just by my heels)...but I've gone 39 weeks without swelling, so I guess it's okay. I did chop my hair off to help with the swollen face (it's more slimming)!

Our baby is measuring 40 weeks, and the Dr. "guessed" our baby was 8 pounds...HOLY CATS! But I also know he was just rubbing my stomach when he suggested that size, so he could be totally off. I was born at 7 lbs. 2 ounces and Josh was 7 lbs. 10.5 ounces...so we'll see!

He was "checking" me out and said "OOOHHH!" really excited. He then said, "I can feel the babies head!" I of course quickly asked, "Is there any hair?!" Yeah Cori - the Dr. can tell! It's like that time Heidi told me she was pregnant (first time being an aunt), and I said, "YEAH! I"m going to be an aunt, or an uncle!" Seriously...the things I can say sometimes!

We are dilated to 1 cm!! To get to 10, you must start at 1 :) 1 week, 1 cm, 1 baby...I'm liking the number :) How about 1 more day until we have this baby already! The bad news is you can be dilated to 1 cm for a VERY long time. Good news-we will for sure have a baby Tuesday, March 23rd. That is the exact marking for 1 week over-due, and our Dr. will not let us go beyond that. So 14 days or less...how about WAY LESS!!!

So we were SO EXCITED when we left the hospital (I was pretty much freaking out) that we went to Albert Lea to celebrate with a delicious Green Mill dinner :) Yes we have been eating out a lot, but we're going on a lot of dates now, because once this baby comes, all of our date nights turn to sleeping (only when baby sleeps - in 30 min. increments) and changing poopy diapers and restless nights!

As stated before, I have taken up a new hobby (well, I used to do this, but just picked it up again)...sewing :) I have sewn SO MANY things in the past few days...and I love it!
Last night I was sewing the sides of a receiving blanket, and low and behold-the needle on the machine broke. Right when it snapped, I just happened to be sliding the fabric through-not under the needle, but near it. The needle ricochet off and went through my left middle finger nail and through my skin. I was like "HOLY CRAP...I have a needle in my finger!" I told Josh we needed to go to ER, but I probably should have prefaced it with - I'm not in labor!So we got to the ER...they did an X-Ray, because they wanted to see 1. if it was in my bone, and 2. how big the needle was. It took FOREVER to get it out. I sat there and had the Dr. picking pieces of my SKIN off with a tweezers...pretty sure I could have done that! But after about 30 min. of "picking" and not getting the needle, they numbed my finger and made a cut! At one point he said, "Scalp-o"! haha I felt like a patient on Grey's Anatomy :) But needless to say, the needle came out :) FINALLY!

This morning I was wicked crabby-honestly not really sure why at all. It could have been the drastic change in my mood the day before (really high and then in a ton of pain)...just being tired, or like my sister thinks - "labor is coming sooner than you think, Cori!"...
Either way...for the first time this entire pregnancy, I can honestly say that today I felt...well, bitchy.

So I sit here drinking root beer and eating thin mint girl scout cookies :) What a combination...Hopefully this is the last "regular" blog before we start posting about McBaby...

We're just a few days away from our baby...
A gender, a name, a weight, size, fingers, toes, hair-no hair, eyes, cute little nose that I'll probably want to eat :) YEAH! Super super excited...

Love to you all,
Cori & Josh XOXOXOXO

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  1. "Scalp-o"!! haha, i know what you meant ;)

    By the way, today is Callie's birthday!! soooo happy for you guys!


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