Sunday, March 28, 2010

Miss Callie has had A LOT of visitors!

Callie is one popular little girl! She has had nonstop visitors since she's been home! I think it is finally starting to wear on her. She is so well behaved for everyone that is over, but Josh and I can both sense that she just wants some mommy and daddy time. We apologize if we've asked any of you to reschedule a visit...she just needs some quiet time.

Here are some images we've captured of Miss Callie's biggest fans!

Miss Callie Lynae meets Mommy and Daddy first!!!
Gramma & Grampa Shellum
Gandma Lynn Barsness McRae
Auntie Kayla (Godmother)
Grandpa Don and Sharon McRae
Alisha (she's due in May with Callie's friend!)
Kristen (Braydon's mommy!!!) excited
Mary Beth came to visit too :)
Stephanie :)
Dr. Nace (he delivered Miss Callie)
Angie's first celebrity visit: Angie McDermott (Miss Minnesota 2008)
Janice came on her lunch break!
Wendy (she works with Daddy!)
Lisa...She makes sue Daddy is always ok!
Julie (she works with Mommy!)
Melissa...She's been waiting a long time to meet you!
Madisyn...she was in mommy's class last year!
Riley...he was in Daddy's first kindergarten class!
Sarah...I think Callie gave her the baby bug!
Amy...gave her the baby bug too!
The Denzer family!! Casey, Lisa, Jason & Ava
Lisa and Callie!!!
Jean came to meet Callie...she's our Principal...she needs to know what's coming in five years!
Nate...He was on Daddy's basketball team this year!
Payton...she's ready to babysit!
Beth with Miss Callie!
Herold held Callie!!
Auntie Colleen
Bittany came in for a visit
Blake with Callie. She's trying to tell him to have a baby!
Uncle Mike (Godfather!)
Callie with cousin AJ (closest in age to her!)
Callie with Cousin Jeffrey
Callie with Cousin Claire (she's a little excited, don't you think!)
Callie with Auntie Heather! (great pictures Heather!)
Callie with Chris Napton
Great Grandma Schwartz (GGMA)
Great Grandpa Schwartz (GGPA)
Mary Booher - She used to work with mommy!
Uncle Bruce (Godfather)
Auntie Heidi (Godmother)
Callie's oldest cousin, Tyler!
Callie with cousin Trey
Callie with Cousin Trygg
Callie with Great Grandma Barsness
Callie with Great Grandpa Barsness

Callie with some of Daddy's basketball players at the banquet!
Callie with her "Austin Great Grandma"! Alia and Kota came to visit too!

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