Monday, February 8, 2010

Family Shower for McBaby :)

This past weekend, my AMAZING family hosted a Baby Shower for McBaby! The two of us had a BLAST :)

Sitting on Trygg :) It looked like I was having McBaby! haha

I wasn't feeling very good to start the day, but with plenty of fluids, I was able to keep up! My Aunt Mary hosted the shower at her house (I LOVE her house!) and my three beautiful sisters helped! read that correctly...ALL 3 Sisters were in attendance :)

We played some VERY fun games that left us all laughing hysterically!

Game 1: The Price is Right
There were several items that were displayed and everyone had to write down the price of each item (what they thought). Items included: Bottle Brushes, wash clothes, hangers, Johnson & Johnson Travel Size First Aid Kit, etc...

I didn't do so well on this game, but I was really close. My grand total was around $19.00 worth of products, and the real grand total was around $17.00! I was pretty close! My cousin Melanie was playing this game as well...senior in high school! It was hilarious - she put $15.00 down for the set of two bottle brushes! I love you Mel :) Thanks for the good laugh!

Game 2: Popular Baby Names
We had to write down the top 10 most popular boy and girl names! I surprisingly didn't do too bad with this game. I should have done better, considering I have been looking at names constantly - but it was still fun :)

Game 3: DICE GAME!
I love the dice game! If you roll doubles, you get to take a prize from the middle. Trygg was LOVING this game! He was sitting next to me, and whenever he rolled doubles you'd think the kid won the lottery! He was SO excited :) Of course nobody could steal from him! He was so nice and shared with Gma because she didn't roll doubles.

Game 4: Guess my measurements!
Everyone was able to write down how "big" around they thought I was in inches. I thought I was about 36'', but I was wrong...but not too far off! I was 40.75'' around! Not too shabby! I've definitely grown, that's for sure!

We received some pretty amazing gifts :) Thank you all for coming...we had such a fun time! I truly have the most amazing family members! And McBaby was able to celebrate the day with his two Grandma's!!!! My mom and Josh's mom were both in attendance :) YEAH!!!! I love you both so much!

Enjoy the pictures from the day...

Baby Easton...he's getting so big now!

Kayla, Grandma Lynn & Heidi

Kayla - Sorry, had to post it :) & Grandma Lynn

My mom and I :)

Trygg was taking pictures :)

The sweet DQ ice cream's like our bedding set - Giggles!

Heidi made these blankets and hats for McBaby

Aunt Mary made this cozy tie blanket and matching mittens (different sizes to go along with our growing child!)!!

Grandma Lynn made this BEAUTIFUL's SO SOFT!

Only a pageant girl would understand! My mom took a chance on this says "Future Miss America"

MN Twins socks :) I LOVE THEM!

YEAH :) Our diaper bag! Now we just need our stroller & car seat to go with it!
(may have to make a trip to Babies R Us here PRETTY SOON...)

Trygg got us a know...since I'm having a puppy :)

Showing Claire Bear the bottle nipples!

Trygg and I playing the Dice Game!

My beautiful cousin Melanie & her Price is Right card...notice the $15.00's! That's for the bottle brushes!

Beauties :) Mel, Britt & Colleen

Heather showing an item for The Price is Right game!Aunt Mary & Cousin Brittany :)

Thank you all for such an amazing baby shower :) I love my family so much!

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